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WorldMark by Wyndham offers a network of more than 70 drive-to resort properties along with an innovative credit-based system – WorldMark, The Club that gives owners even greater choices and flexibility in vacation planning.  WorldMark by Wyndham developed the credit-based vacation network as an exclusive benefit for owners who want a little more variety in their vacation experiences.

Wyndham Kona Hawaii

Wyndham Kona Hawaii

Instead of owning a timeshare property at only one resort, owners purchase resort-credits that they are free to use at any of WorldMark’s resort locations in some of the most beautiful locations on earth.  Owners can enjoy vacations in the United States, Hawaii, Florida or Canada.  Or they can travel worldwide to Mexico, Fiji, Venice or Australia.  And, while every resort meets WorldMark’s high standards, owners are sure to be pleasantly surprised by each resort’s unique characteristics.As a WorldMark by Wyndham timeshare owner, owners can use their WorldMark credits to exchange for flexible lengths of time spent at a wide variety of different timeshares. Another advantage to owning WorldMark timeshares is the affiliation with two of the largest exchange network in the world, Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II) which allows owners to exchange their vacation credits with various RCI and/or II resorts for an equivalent timeshare interval at any of their affiliated resorts worldwide.  Resorts may be affiliated with one or the other (or both) of the exchange companies.

Resale information:  When you purchase on the resale market you receive all the benefits of the WorldMark membership except one – you are not eligible for Travelshare. Travelshare cannot be purchased on the resale market and is not transferable except to family members.  Thus, if you want Travelshare you will need to purchase it directly from Wyndham at the full retail price of $2.00- $3.05 per annual credit.

Following is a list of Wyndham timeshare resales and the exchange company they are affiliated with:


WorldMark by Wyndham 2017-2018 Resort Directory Supplement 2017-2018 Resort Directory Supplement

Wyndham/Worldmark Vacation Club 2018 Maintenance Dues Schedule

Buying a  Wyndham timeshare on the secondary market is much less expensive than purchasing direct from the developer because of the fact that the developer incurs marketing costs that are passed on to the consumer. It is the developer who sets the price on the retail market. On the secondary market of time share resales, prices are determined by individuals and current market conditions.

A timeshare interval should be purchased for enjoyment. The purchase of a Wyndham timeshare resale ensures that you will be able to vacation and spend quality time with your family and friends each year. You might want to think of it as vacation insurance for all your future vacations!

Syed Sarmad, Principal Broker for Advantage Vacation 

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