Club Wyndham Plus is a points based internal exchange program offering access to Wyndham Vacation Resort properties and access for Wyndham timeshare owners to special travel opportunities such as cruises and guided tours.

Wyndham Bali Hai

Wyndham Bali Hai

When you purchase Club Wyndham Plus points, you have purchased a Vacation Ownership Interest (VOI) with a floating right to use at your home resort or the right to exchange into other resorts.

WorldMark by Wyndham Discovery 2016-2017 Resort Directory

Instead of a full reproduction of the 2016-2017 Resort Directory, the updates for 2017-2018 have been produced as a supplementary booklet, which contains information on the following:

  • The two newest WorldMark resorts – WorldMark Marble Falls and WorldMark Scottsdale
  • The additional unit types added to WorldMark Hunt – Stablewood Springs
  • The newest Affiliate resort in Phuket, Thailand
  • The latest version of the WorldMark, The Club Guidelines with updates for 2017

WorldMark by Wyndham 2017-2018 Resort Directory Supplement 2017-2018 Resort Directory Supplement

Wyndham/Worldmark Vacation Club 2018 Maintenance Dues Schedule

There are three Club Wyndham Plus membership types:

1.Club Wyndham Select – Members have a deeded ownership interest at a “Select” resort. As a Select Member Wyndham timeshare owners receive priority reservations at this “Select” resort, which is your home resort during Advance Reservation Priority window (13 to 10 months prior to check-in date).

2.Club Wyndham Access (CWA)- Wyndham timeshare members have the flexibility to choose from multiple resort locations within the program for reservations requested during the ARP window.  As a Club Wyndham Access Member, you receive an ownership certificate which verifies the amount of Access points purchased.  Your ownership interest is a perpetual ownership so it can be passed on to your heirs.

3.Club Wyndham Presidential Reserve offers Club Wyndham timeshare members access to luxurious Presidential Reserve Suites at participating resorts as well as, the option to take advantage of exclusive, fee-based resort services.  Members own a deeded interest in a Presidential Reserve Suite at a specific resort with full Club Wyndham Plus Platinum VIP benefits.  Due to its popularity it is offered on a limited basis.

What is the difference between purchasing Club Wyndham Plus points from the Developer and purchasing Club Wyndham Plus points on the secondary market of resale?

What does not transfer on a Wyndham timeshare resale:

  • A resale buyer is not able to convert Wyndham Club points to Wyndham hotel points.
  • VIP benefits do not transfer to a Wyndham timeshare resale buyer.  However, a Wyndham timeshare resale buyer can purchase retail points and incorporate those purchased points towards VIP Benefits.
  • PIC privileges do not transfer on a Wyndham timeshare resale.
  • What does transfer on a Wyndham timeshare resale:
  • Credit pool points transfer to a new buyer via a timeshare resale.
  • Banked and borrowed points do transfer on a timeshare resale.

Wyndham Kauai Villas

Wyndham Kauai Villas

How the Club Wyndham Plus points work:

As a Club Wyndham Plus member you start off with set of Club Plus points which are used like currency.  Points are allocated to you annually (or biennially) based on your ownership purchase.

Use Year:

You have 12 months to spend your points – this is your “Use Year”.  There are four Use Years in the Club Wyndham timeshares based on calendar quarters.  Your Use Year is assigned based on your ownership and when you purchased.  For biennial ownership members, the 12 month Use Year is January 1 to December 31 every odd year or every even year depending on your contract.

Canceled Reservations:

If your reservation is canceled 15 days or more prior to the check-in date, the points used for the reservation will be returned to your account as Canceled Reservation Points.  Canceled Reservation Points may not be changed to Regular Use Year Points.

If you cancel less than 15 days prior to the check-in date, the points used for your reservation will be forfeited.

Limited Points:

These points result from a reservation that is canceled thirty days prior (or less) to the check-in date. Limited points can only be used to book reservations up to 30 days in advance of the requested dates. These points must be used before the end of the current use year and cannot be banked into a future use year.

Personal Interval Choice Points:

Personal Interval Choice points or PIC are given for a non-Wyndham week which is deposited into the Wyndham points account.  For example: If you own a 2 bedroom timeshare in a RCI Gold Crown timeshare resort, once a year you can take that RCI Gold Crown 2 bedroom timeshare give it to Wyndham and Wyndham will give you 154,000 points for it.  Points begin the day the deposit is acknowledged by Wyndham and expire one year later.

Points Credit Pool:

If circumstances prevent you from traveling one year, Wyndham offers an option so that you may use your points in a future year. This feature is called the Points Credit Pool.  The Points Credit Pool Allow you to “pool” your points prior to your Use Year start date and receive additional time (up to 3 years) to use those points before they expire.

Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort Entrance

Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort Entrance

VIP Benefits:

VIP Benefits are received when you purchase 300,000 to 499,000 points direct from the developer.  When using the VIP Benefit points to make a reservation it takes 25% fewer points.   Example:  If a resort requires 200,000 points to make a reservation and you have the VIP benefit, that reservation will only require 150,000 points.

When you purchase 500,000 to 999,999 points you get a 35% VIP benefit.  When you purchase over a million points you receive a 50% VIP benefit.  You only receive the VIP Benefit if you make a reservation within or under 60 days of the reservation arrival date.

Reservations and Reservations Timelines:

Advance Reservation Priority (ARP) allows you to confirm a reservation up to 13 months in advance at your home resort giving you the best opportunity to reserve a unit when availability is the greatest.  You can confirm a reservation for 3, 4 or 7 nights, checking in or out on the resort’s designated check-in day. Only Regular Use Year Points can be used for reservations during this booking window.

Club Wyndham Select members are allowed to confirm reservations at their home resort 13 to 10 months prior to the check-in date which is up to 3 months before it becomes available to all Club Wyndham Plus members.

Club Wyndham Access (CWA) members may request a reservation at any resort location that is part of the Club Wyndham Access which is considered their “home” resort 13 – 10 months prior to the check-in date.  Reservations made within the ARP window are subject to availability and can only be made using points associated with the Member’s Club Wyndham Access ownership.

Club Wyndham Presidential Reserve members have an Advance Reservation Priority from 14-12 months in advance of their check-in date into Presidential Reserve Suites at their “home” resort and are guaranteed accommodations in an available Presidential Reserve Suite at their “home” resort.

Express Reservations are reservations made 90 days or less from the check-in date. When confirming a reservation during the Express Reservation period you can make a reservation for a 2 night minimum stay during any season. You can borrow points from your next Use Year or you can rent points.

Wyndham Rewards Conversion

Requests to convert qualified Club Wyndham Plus points to Wyndham Rewards points must be made during the 12 month period prior to your Use Year start date.

Wyndham Waikiki Beach Walk Pool

Wyndham Waikiki Beach Walk

What is a Reservation Transaction?

Each calendar year you receive 1 complimentary Reservation Transaction for every 77,000 points you own.  Your allocation of complimentary Reservation Transactions is added to your account on January 1 of each calendar year.  Any unused Reservation Transactions expire on December 31.

Need more points?  Club Wyndham will let you rent or borrow points:

Renting points:

When confirming a Standard Reservation 10 months to 91 days from the check-in date, you may rent only enough points needed to complete a portion of the last night’s stay.

When confirming an Express Reservation 90 days or less from check-in, you may rent additional points to complete your vacation.

The amount of Wyndham timeshare points you may rent each calendar year is limited to the amount of points you receive for your annual ownership allocation.  Example: If you receive 154,000 points each Use Year, you may rent up to 154,000 points each calendar year.

Borrowing Points:

Planning a last minute vacation and realize you need additional points to complete the reservation? You have the option to borrow points from your next Use Year.

This option is available when you are booking a reservation during the Express Reservation period, 90 days or less from your check-in date.

If you’ve used all your allocated points and need additional points, you can borrow Regular Use year points from your next Use Year.

If you need to cancel a reservation using Borrowed Points, the points will be returned to your account as Canceled Reservation Points in the Use Year of the reservation – they will not be returned to the Use Year from where you borrowed them.

For additional information, check out our video and blog resources.

Timeshare Market Update

Hawaiian Islands Timeshare Development Update 2015

Buying a Wyndham timeshare resale on the secondary market is much less expensive than purchasing direct from the developer because of the fact that the developer incurs marketing costs that are passed on to the consumer. It is the developer who sets the price on the retail market. On the secondary market, prices are determined by individuals and current market conditions.

A Wyndham timeshare resale should be purchased for enjoyment. The purchase of a Wyndham timeshare resale ensures that you will be able to vacation and spend quality time with your family and friends each year. You might want to think of it as vacation insurance for all your future vacations!

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