Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort Golf

Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort Golf

In 1974, RCI revolutionized the way people vacation with the concept of “vacation timeshare exchange”.  Today, RCI is the global leader of timeshare exchange with access to nearly 4,000 affiliated RCI resorts located in almost 100 countries and boasts more than three million members worldwide.

Timeshares have become the most flexible form of vacationing through the use of a timeshare exchange company like RCI.  Timeshare owners are not limited to only vacationing at their “home resort” but can explore the world with RCI by trading their RCI weeks into any one of their affiliate resorts worldwide.  The affiliation with a name brand such as Hilton timeshares, adds even more variety and vacation options for the timeshare owner.

Following you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about RCI and how a timeshare exchange works.

How does a RCI timeshare exchange work?

RCI makes it really easy to exchange your timeshare week.  First, you “deposit” your RCI resort week into RCI’s  exchange inventory.  RCI will then present you with a list of comparable timeshares to choose from.  The exchange options for you to choose from are based on the season (Red, White or Blue) and the rank (Gold Crown or Silver Crown) of your “home resort”.

RCI also offers membership in its flexible points program.  The RCI Points Program provides timeshare owners and members with the opportunity to trade their week at their “home resort” for a certain number of points each year.  The points can then be used to purchase time at other RCI affiliated resorts, or the points may be “banked” for use at a later date.  The Points Program offers members the maximum in flexibility by allowing them to custom design their vacations each year.

RCI also allows timeshare owners to “rent” additional points in order to boost their overall point balance – thus allowing them access to some of the most luxurious resorts worldwide that their home resort’s ranking (and exchange) might not otherwise have provided.

What are the advantages in choosing an RCI timeshare exchange?

Wyndham Kona Hawaiian Resort Pool

RCI gives members access to thousands of top quality, luxurious resorts worldwide and a system that provides them with a flexible, uncomplicated and easy to use exchange program.

By partnering with popular, leading brand names such as Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Wyndham Vacation Ownership and Disney, RCI ensures members will be enjoying consistently high quality accommodations anywhere they travel – around the world.

What does “trading power” mean?

RCI’s exchange program is determined by a like-to-like principle and is based on a number of factors, including demand for the destination you are depositing, the number of similar deposits received by RCI, the quality of the resort, and the size and season of your deposit.  While all exchanges are made based on Trading Power, it requires higher Trading Power to exchange to high demand areas like Hawaii that have a limited supply or during highly demanded weeks of the year, e.g., Christmas Week, 4th of July, New Year’s Eve, etc.

Why should I deposit my week early?

RCI members have up to 24 months before their start date to make a deposit.  Depositing your week early helps to maximize your Trading Power.  When you deposit your week 9 – 12 months in advance, you receive the maximum trade value for what you are giving RCI.  If you deposit your week less than 9 months before your vacation start date, your trade value goes down.  So, the earlier you deposit your week, the better the chances are of getting the exchange you want.

A few of the important Member Benefits are explained below:

RCI Points

Not only did RCI revolutionize the concept of timeshare exchange, in the year 2000, RCI also developed the world’s first points-based timeshare exchange program.  The RCI Points Program offers members the flexibility of custom designing their vacation each year and/or taking several mini-vacations throughout the year.   One year you might be traveling with kids and grand kids and need a two or three bedroom villa.   The next year it’s just you and your spouse and you only need a studio or one bedroom – with the flexibility of the RCI Points Program you can design your vacation to fit your changing needs each year.  Time of year (peak season or off season) and destination demand affect the number of points needed for each vacation.

RCI Deposit Credits

Members unused trading power is placed on their account as a Deposit Credit, to use toward a second vacation.  This happens when a member exchanges to a location with a lower Exchange Trading Power than their home resort.  Members should take into consideration that when searching for an exchange, take a look for what you need versus something identical to what you own.  As an example – if you own a two bedroom unit but there are only two of you traveling, you may be just as comfortable in a one bedroom or studio unit.   The difference in trading power is put back into the members account in the form of a Deposit Credit that can be used toward future exchanges.  This makes it possible for a member to take one week of vacation and potentially get a second week of vacation!

What can I do with my Deposit Credit?

There are two options – use it to book a second vacation of equal or lesser value than the Deposit Credit or combine it with another Deposit to increase that Deposit’s trading power, thus giving the member an exchange vacation with higher exchange trading power.

Platinum Membership

Members can upgrade their RCI membership to Platinum membership and enjoy a number of increased benefits and discounts while at home or vacationing.  These exclusive benefits include Priority Access to upscale properties, complimentary unit upgrades, on line tee time reservations, access to an on line wine store, discounts on cruises, spa certificates, discounts on city attractions and every month Platinum Members receive a complimentary Restaurant.com$25 gift certificate.

Guest Certificates

For a nominal fee, timeshare owners can give a gift of an RCI vacation at any one of the nearly 4,000 international RCI resorts to friends or family members.

Extra Vacations Getaways

This is a great feature that owners can enjoy without losing their week.  RCI members can book last minute getaways or week long vacations through Extra Vacations Getaway and get the best rates with RCI affiliated timeshare rentals.

Vacation Protection:

Another great feature for timeshare owners. This service is optional and allows owners to cancel their vacation without losing their week – think of it as vacation insurance!

Membership with RCI is a great way to add to and enhance your vacation experiences with a lifetime of unique and exotic vacations anywhere in the world!

Advantage Vacation has great prices on Hilton Grand Vacations Club timeshare resales and Wyndham Vacation Ownership resales.   If you are interested in purchasing a timeshare that is affiliated with RCI, contact one of our licensed real estate professionals today.  We would be happy to assist you in finding just the right timeshare at the right price for the way you and your family like to vacation. Timeshare resales can literally save you thousands of dollars versus purchasing direct from the developer.

Our licensed professionals can also assist you in selling your timeshare and we never charge an upfront fee.

Following you will find the 2013 Calendar which shows week numbers along with Friday, Saturday and Sunday check-in dates:

    Week #





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