Interval International is one of the largest exchange networks providing its members with exchange services to approximately 2,700 resorts worldwide.

Marriott Maui Ocean Club Lahaina Villas Swimming Pool

Marriott Maui Ocean Club Lahaina Villas Swimming Pool

Timeshares have become the most flexible form of vacationing through the use of a timeshare exchange company like Interval International.  Timeshare owners are not limited to only vacationing at their “home resort” but can explore the world with II by trading their Interval weeks into any one of their affiliate resorts worldwide. 

Interval International has affiliations with a number of name brand timeshares such as Marriott timeshares.  They are also affiliated with Westin timeshares.  In addition, II also has an affiliation with Hyatt timeshares.  With the addition of Four Seasons timeshares, you can easily see there are a variety of name brand timeshares available for members of II.

Although affiliated properties are not owned or managed by Interval International, they all must meet Interval’s criteria for quality, thus assuring members of the consistent high quality of each resort property.

Following you will find helpful information and explanations on many of the aspects of Interval International membership and how it can work for you:

How to exchange with II – Deposit First and Request First Details

Accommodation Certificate Explanation

Club Interval Gold Points Program

Interval Gold Membership

Interval Platinum Membership


Products and Services

Interval Travel

2013 Calendar for Friday, Saturday and Sunday Check-ins

A special note:  It is important to remember that if you are planning on depositing your week for exchange, you will want to maximize your exchange (trading power) with II by reserving a high demand week at your home resort.  Your chances of getting an exchange are greatly improved when you deposit a high demand week from your home resort. 

Interval is the only exchange company that offers two methods of exchange – Deposit First and Request First. 

Regular exchange requests, whether using the Deposit First or Request First method, must be received by II at least 60 days in advance of the commencement date of the earliest week requested.

II’s exchange program is determined by a like-to-like principle and is based on a number of factors, including demand for the destination you are depositing, the number of similar deposits received, the quality of the resort, and the size and season of your deposit.

While all exchanges are made based on trading power, it requires higher trading power to exchange to high demand areas like Hawaii that have a limited supply or during highly demanded weeks of the year, e.g., Christmas Week, 4th of July, New Year’s Eve, etc.  Just another reminder to reserve a high demand week at your home resort in order to maximize your exchange!


Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas View

Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas View

Deposit First Exchange

With the Deposit First method, Interval members deposit their week before placing an exchange request.

Deposit First generally provides a travel window of up to three years, which gives Interval the most time to find a suitable match.  Once a deposit is made, the deposited week(s) may not be withdrawn.

Owners of floating time must first contact their home resort to secure a specific unit and time period at their home resort, or to otherwise verify their eligibility to exchange prior to making a deposit.

Deposits must be received by II at least 60 days, but no more than 12 months, before the commencement date of the deposited week.

Upon receipt of a deposit, II will assign a deposit number, which must be utilized when placing an exchange request.

The exchange request may be placed at the same time that the deposit is made or at any time after receipt of the deposit number, but no later than 24 months after the commencement date of the deposited week.

To submit a valid exchange request, a minimum of three different resorts and one time period, three different time periods and one resort, or two resorts and two time periods must be requested. Members may be confirmed into any resort or time period requested.

Members have the option to Request First and have the security of retaining their week until a comparable match is confirmed.

Request First Exchange Method

With the Request First exchange method, Members who exchange with II based on weeks do not give up the right to occupy their home resort accommodations until an exchange has been confirmed.

Exchange requests using the Request First method may be placed up to 12 months prior to the commencement date of the week(s) being relinquished for exchange.

The requested travel dates must be prior to or the same as the dates of the week(s) being relinquished.


Marriott Kauai Beach Club

Marriott Kauai Beach Club Pool

Accommodation Certificate (AC):

As an incentive to owners of high demand weeks to deposit them with II, members receive a “bonus” in the form of an Accommodation Certificate (AC), which can then be exchanged for a week through II.

The exchange choices are somewhat limited and members generally don’t receive prime season weeks when using the “AC”.

The advantage of this system is that members can use their deposited week to exchange for another week as they usually do.  Then, using the “AC” exchange they received by depositing the high demand week they own, the member actually receives two weeks of vacation.

There is no guarantee that the member will receive an “AC” every year they deposit their high demand week, as the demand for that week may change.

Make note of II’s policy that members will not get an “AC” if they use the request-first method for requesting an exchange under which you hold onto your week until you get an exchange that is acceptable to you.

Although using request-first doesn’t affect the trading power, it does disqualify members from getting an “AC”.

Our suggestion would be for members to find a unit online that they would like to exchange into first.

Then deposit their week and request an exchange.

Make sure you deposit first and then exchange and II will give you the “AC” – but only if you do it in that order!


Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas Swimming Pool

Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas Swimming Pool

Club Interval Gold Points Program:

Club Interval Gold is a point’s based exchange system for owners of fixed or float week timeshare ownership which allows members to convert from weeks to points.

Participation in Club Interval Gold allows members to deposit their fixed time and/or floating time home resort unit weeks with II in exchange for Club Interval Points.

The number of Club Interval Points that will be allotted to a Club Interval Gold Member based on their  deposit of a unit week and election to convert it to Club Interval Points is determined based on the Club Interval Weekly Points Values chart, which is established by II, at its sole discretion and  published on II’s website,

It includes all the benefits of II’s Basic and Interval Gold levels.  The first year fee is paid by the Developer or HOA for Interval Gold level.

Members have a choice annually to keep their week or convert to points.  The points system increases flexibility but requires the “Deposit First” exchange.

Members can combine points from multiple weeks and/or years.

Points are assigned by unit size, sleeping capacity, award level and the travel demand index (TDI).  Check the website to see the TDI of the week you will be depositing.

Members who exchange with II based on points do not give up the right to their points until an exchange has been confirmed. Upon confirmation, however, all rights to the use of the home resort accommodations or points are immediately assigned to II.


Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club

Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club View

Interval Gold Membership:

The basic II membership is enhanced with the following additional benefits:

ShortStay Exchange –  Lets you exchange your resort week for two separate vacations of fewer than seven nights!  Points-based members can make as many ShortStay Exchanges as their available points allow.

Getaway Discounts –  Vacation more often, for less — without exchanging! Gold members automatically receive $25 off the already low prices of Getaways and Getaways Specials. Many Getaways are available up to one year in advance of the travel date.

VIP Concierge Services – With VIP Concierge, you’ve got someone to assist you with daily tasks  and handle all the details for anything from research to reservations to arrangements.

Hotel, dining and leisure discounts – Get great discounts at restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, attractions, and more.  Check the website for details.

Interval Options – The unique Interval Options service lets you trade your week toward the purchase of a cruise or accommodations at a golf or spa resort.

Cruise Exchange — Cruise to exciting destinations such as the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Alaska with some of the world’s most popular cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Disney, Princess, Celebrity, and more.

Golf And Spa Exchange — Customize your ideal golf or spa vacation exchange package to accommodate your taste and budget at famous specialty resorts around the world.

Travel and entertainment – As an Interval member, you enjoy access to many travel benefits — but Gold members get even more with up to $100 cash back on cruises booked through Interval Travel.

Gold Travel Discounts – Get $25 off every Getaway or Getaway Specials and extra discounts and services which include $5 Off Golf Access® International Golf Directory,theater discounts and premium discount coupons.  See the II website for additional details and information.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards – Interval has teamed up with Hertz to provide Interval Gold® members a great new benefit that gives members newly enrolled in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards up to two free weekend rental days, plus a range of services that make the renting experience a snap.

Enroll for free in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and receive 500 bonus points after your first qualifying rental and 500 more after your second.  That’s enough points for two free weekend rental days (a $110 average value)

But that’s not all. With Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, you also get these fantastic perks:

CarfirmationTM: When your plane lands, you’ll receive an email or a text confirming the vehicle and the stall in which it’s located.

Counter Bypass: Skip the counter, the lines, and the paperwork.

Hertz Gold Choice®: Take the car you reserved — or choose another.

eReturn: Drop off your car, fill in the Express Return slip, and you’re done. Hertz will email your receipt to you.

GLOBAL Emergency Travel Services – Give your family a year’s worth of emergency medical-evacuation services for just $59 — 70% off the regular price. And the $60 activation fee is waived. You’ll also receive other vital travel benefits, including assistance with lost luggage or travel documents, emergency care for your pets, and medical or dental referrals while on your trip. And Global ETS is good whether you book your travel with Interval or not.

Interval Platinum Membership:

Interval Platinum membership gives members all the advantages of Interval Gold and additional benefits which include:

Interval Options service lets you trade your week toward the purchase of a cruise or accommodations at a golf or spa resort.

Platinum Escapes are exclusive Getaways available only to Platinum members.

Airport Lounge Membership allows members to enjoy access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide.

Free guest certificates enables members to give their week or a Getaway to friends or family members for free.

VIP Concierge is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s a great way to simplify your life and save time. Get restaurant reservations, concert tickets, shopping tips, and more.

ShortStay Exchange lets Members exchange their resort week for two separate vacations of fewer than seven nights and points-based members can make as many ShortStay Exchanges as their available points allow.

Companion Airline Travel entitles Members to discounted rates on a companion airline ticket when they purchase one adult round-trip coach-class airline ticket on the same itinerary to participating cities. Interval Platinum members receive one companion airfare certificate annually. Multi-year Platinum members will receive a new certificate in the mail on the anniversary of their membership. Certificates are valid for travel within the contiguous United States.

Global Emergency Travel Services is available for Interval Platinum Members enrollment at a reduced price.

Hotel, dining and leisure discounts let Members enjoy great discounts at restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, attractions, and more!

II Getaways:

Getaways are a way to get away at any time that fits your schedule at reduced prices.

Without having to exchange their week, members are able to enjoy resort vacations and make reservations for up to one year in advance of the date they want to travel.

Members enjoy the same comfort and convenience of resort condo type accommodations (often including a full kitchen) and all the activities and amenities of the resort at a discounted price.

Members have the option to give the gift of a vacation to friends or family members by purchasing a Getaway Guest Certificate.

Products and Services:

II members enjoy discounts on Disney tickets, rental cars, magazine subscriptions, Universal Studios park pass, Seaworld Parks and Entertainment, all-inclusive resorts, cruises, golf discounts, restaurants, an online wine club and more.

Interval Travel

II members enjoy great deals on major cruise lines, special member rates for rental cars, travel insurance and no online ticketing fees for air line travel.

Membership with II is a great way to enhance your vacation experiences with a lifetime of unique and exotic vacations anywhere in the world!

Advantage Vacation specializes in Hawaii timeshare resales and we have some great prices on Marriott timeshare resales.   We also have listings of Maui timeshare resales of  Westin timeshare resales and other Westin timeshare resales throughout the United States.  If you are a fan of Hyatt – check out our listings of Hyatt timeshare resales. Interested in purchasing a timeshare that is affiliated with II – please contact one of our licensed real estate professionals today.

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Our licensed professionals can also assist you in selling your timeshare and we never charge an upfront fee.

2013 Calendar which shows week numbers along with Friday, Saturday and Sunday check-in dates:

    Week #





Jan 4

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