Westin Vacation Club

Westin Vacation Club is one of three timeshare vacation club relationships within the Vistana Signature Experiences.

Westin timeshares are located in some of the most popular and diverse vacation destinations which include Hawaii, Mexico, California and Colorado. So, you never have to visit the same location twice – unless of course, you want to!

Westin timeshare resale resorts feature fully furnished villas that are designed to make you feel at home with full kitchens or kitchenettes and Heavenly Beds. Westin timeshare owners also enjoy the healthy benefits of the Westin Eat Well Menu, the WestinWORKOUT and the Heavenly Spa by Westin treatments that Westin is so well known for!

Sheraton Vacation Club

Sheraton Vacation Club offers a wide variety of family fun opportunities from theme parks in Orlando to winter activities in a Colorado mountain resort.  Additional Sheraton Vacation Club destinations include Arizona, California, Hawaii, South Carolina, the Caribbean and Mexico.

What are StarOptions 

StarOption is a numerical value assigned to the Vacation Ownership Interest, which entitles the Owner to internally exchange into other Vistana Signature Network Resorts, bank unused time or borrow from the upcoming use period.

All owners who purchased directly from the developer or bought a resale in a Mandatory Resort receive StarOption benefits.

For reservations less than 8 months in advance, you are in the Network Float Period and you can check-in or check-out any day, and use your time in any villa, in any size unit, at any resort in the Vistana Signature Experience network. You can reserve up to 21 consecutive nights.

Banking StarOptions

3 Star or 4 Star Members can bank their StarOptions by October 1st of the use year and there is an $89.00 fee.

5 Star Elite Members can bank their StarOptions by December 31st of the current year and there is no fee.

All other Members can bank StarOptions by July 1st.of the use year for a $109.00 fee.

Members will have two full years to use their StarOptions. They have until December 31st
of the second year to use the banked StarOptions.

Banked StarOptions can be booked up to 8 months in advance of the arrival date

Banked StarOptions transfer when ownership is transferred to an immediate family member. If sold to an outside party the banked StarOptions do not transfer. The Seller will be able to retain any banked StarOptions as long as they have another Ownership/membership at any Vistana Resort, which entitles them to StarOption benefits.

If you are selling, your last Vistana managed Resort, all banked StarOptions and any pending reservations with banked Star Options will expire on the transfer of ownership.


There are two types of vacation ownership interest programs available within the Vistana Signature Network (VSN) program. In addition, the difference between buying a Vistana timeshare from the developer versus buying a timeshare resale (and what you don’t get when purchasing a Vistana timeshare resale) will also be explained.

There are two types of Vacation Ownership Interest programs within the Vistana Signature Network (VSN) program – Weeks based and Homeoptions.


We’ll begin with an explanation of the weeks program which is a seven night vacation at your home resort. As an owner you have priority in making reservations 12 to 8 months in advance, in the season of your ownership in the size and type of unit you own at your home resort. Check-in days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is called the Home Resort Preference Period (HRPP).

The timeshare has a numerical value called Staroptions, which gives the Owner the right to reserve at any VSN resort from 8 months in advance of the arrival date in any VSN Resort, in any villa type, in any season from one night up to twenty-one consecutive nights.

Staroptions can be rolled over or borrowed within Vistana Signature Network and Vistana owners have the option of banking their week with Interval International.

In addition, owners have the option to convert their week into Marriott Bonvoy Points for staying in hotels, they can use them for car rentals or for airlines and cruise travels.


Homeoptions is a points based program where the vacation ownership interest can be in a specific resort (or a groups of resorts) and owners have priority in making reservations during the HRPP period. Owners have the right to check in and out any day of the week and can reserve from 1 night up to 14 night consecutive nights, from 12- 8 months in advance in the view category owned, if applicable.

Starting 8 months in advance the Homeoptions become Staroptions and can be used at any VSN Resort as described above. Staroptions can be banked or borrowed within the Vistana Signature Network

Vistana owners also have the option to convert  into Marriott Bonvoy Points for staying in hotels, used for car rentals, airlines and even cruise travels.

In addition, Vistana owners have the additional option of banking their week with Interval International.

Some often asked questions are – what is the difference between buying a Westin timeshare, Sheraton timeshare or Vistana timeshare from the developer versus buying a timeshare resale and what don’t I get when I buy a timeshare resale?

  1. Home Resort Preference Period (HRPP), StarOption privileges and Interval International memberships transfer to a timeshare resale purchaser in a Mandatory Resort. The option to convert the week into Marriott Bonvoy points does not.
  2. Home Resort Preference Period benefits transfer to a timeshare resale purchaser in a Voluntary Resort. StarOption benefits and the right to convert into Marriott Bonvoy points do not transfer. However, the resale purchaser does have the option to enroll into Interval International at their own expense.

Syed Sarmad, Principal Broker for Advantage Vacation

What to look for when buying a timeshare resale:

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