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Diamond Resorts International is one of the largest holiday-ownership companies in the industry with more than 25 years of experience in the successful development, management, marketing and sales of timeshare vacation ownership. Membership offers a variety of timeshare vacation accommodations around the world including Europe, the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico and the USA.The Diamond Resorts International resort network currently offers three types of ownership to timeshare resale vacationers. The three types of vacation ownership currently available include:

  • Deeded Diamond timeshare ownership at a single resort which is the most common
  • THE Club Diamond is a points-based membership system providing access to all Diamond Club Resorts and affiliated resorts
  • DRI Collection/Trust Points is a points-based membership assigned by region and limited to a specific “collection” of regional Diamond vacation resorts

Let’s take a look at how each of the vacation ownership options work:

Deeded Diamond Timeshare Ownership

You can buy Diamond timeshare weeks from a current owner and as you may know, save literally thousands of dollars versus purchasing direct from the Developer.

You have the option to choose your home resort from hundreds of locations throughout the continental United States and Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as Diamond Resorts in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa locations, but your ownership is not transferable to other Diamond properties without a membership in IntervaI International or THE Club.

However, if you are considering becoming a timeshare resale owner at any of the Diamond timeshare properties, you can subsequently join THE CLUB Diamond by purchasing additional points directly from DRI and then having your timeshare resale weeks converted to Club Points. Note: Joining THE Club will not change your legal (deeded) ownership status with DRI.

THE Club at Diamond Resorts International

THE Club Diamond memberships can be willed to an heir but cannot be sold on the resale market.

To become a Club member and to have access to DRI’s entire internal exchange system, you must purchase your Club Points directly from the developer.

As an owner in THE Club, you are not able to sell you a DRI “Club” membership on the resale market.

  • DRI “Collections” (also known as “Trusts”)
  • DRI Collection/Trust points can be sold on the resale market.
  • Trust points are associated with a specific regional collection of Diamond timeshare resorts
  • Diamond timeshare collections include:
  • The Diamond Resorts US Collection
  • The Diamond Resorts California Collection
  • The Diamond Resorts Hawaii Collection
  • The Diamond Resorts European Collection

If you purchase Diamond Resorts International timeshare resale collection points, you can save thousands of dollars off your initial purchase price, but you will only be able to reserve time at the resorts in your regional collection.

FYI: The Hawaii 10.25% Transient Accommodation Tax (TAT) (which is paid at the time of check-out) has been extended to December 31, 2030 on all Hawaii timeshares.

For additional information, check out our video and blog resources.

What to look for when buying a timeshare resale.

Timeshare Market UpdateBuying a Diamond Resorts International timeshare on the secondary market is much less expensive than purchasing direct from the developer because of the fact that the developer incurs marketing costs that are passed on to the consumer. It is the developer who sets the price on the retail market. On the secondary market, prices are determined by individuals and current market conditions.

A timeshare interval should be purchased for enjoyment. The purchase of resales of Diamond Resort International timeshares ensures that you will be able to vacation and spend quality time with your family and friends each year. You might want to think of it as vacation insurance for all your future vacations!

Syed Sarmad, Principal Broker for Advantage Vacation

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