The Wyndham timeshare program is a points-based program where points are purchased at a “home resort” for use throughout Wyndham’s network of resorts.

There are three ownership programs. Following you will see a brief overview of each of the three timeshare ownership programs:

Club Wyndham Select is standard Club Wyndham ownership where owners purchase a number of points at a home resort and receive a deeded interest at that resort. All additional benefits apply to Wyndham resale purchasers.


Club Wyndham Access owners do not have a home resort and instead have the opportunity to purchase a number of points within a collection of 42 resorts. This allows the owners to make reservations at any Access Resort 13 months in advance as if it were their home resort. All additional benefits apply to Wyndham resale purchasers.

Club Wyndham Presidential Reserve is an exclusive VIP program, available to Club Wyndham owners who have purchased over 1 million points. Wyndham timeshare resale purchasers do NOT receive any of the benefits associated with the VIP program.

The number of points needed to make a reservation depends on the resort, season and residence type. Those with over 300,000 points become VIP members and receive discounts on certain reservations. However, owners who purchase Club Wyndham points on the timeshare resale market are not eligible for VIP status, but may otherwise use their points without restrictions.

While a Wyndham timeshare purchased on the timeshare resale market does not have access to VIP membership, those purchasing a Wyndham timeshare resale may use the point system in the exact same way as those purchasing directly from the developer, with only the one exception, their points do not count towards VIP status.

Syed Sarmad, Principal Broker for Advantage Vacation