My name is Syed Sarmad and I am the principal broker for Advantage Vacation.  We are a licensed real estate company located in Hawaii which specializes in the business of timeshare resales.  We have been in business for over 20 years.

Today I would like to discuss the Disney Aulani property which is a Hawaii timeshare located on the island of Oahu. I would first like to talk about what you don’t get when you purchase a Disney Aulani timeshare on the secondary resale market.

You cannot use your points towards cruises or for the Concierge Collection hotels or for the Adventurer package.

As you know, there is a considerable savings when you purchase a timeshare resale, so you would really have to question why one pays retail so they can convert those points towards these benefits that don’t transfer on resale – in other words, the cruises, Concierge Collection and the Adventurer package.  And when you do the math, in my opinion, it does not make sense, but you could take a look at that for yourself.

If you’re going to purchase a timeshare resale you get all the other benefits which are exactly the same and here’s what they are:

You can make your reservations up to 11 months in advance at your Home Resort – just like if you bought from the developer.

Or up to 7 months in advance at your non-member /non-Home Resort, in other words other Disney Vacation Club properties.

You can borrow up to 100% of your points from your upcoming year but you have to use all of those points in this current year. You cannot put any of those unused points back into next years useage.  So, if you’re going to borrow points you have to do it in this current year, borrow it from next year and use all of those points this year.

If you are going to bank your points, you can do that and bank up to 100% of your points into the next year but you have to do that in the first 8 months of your use period of this year and you have to use all your banked points by the end of the next allotment or the next use period.

If you are purchasing a Disney timeshare resale and the anniversary dates vary, so that you have two separate accounts (in other words two separate Disney accounts) you can still use those points to make one reservation and there is no problem with that.

However, if you are going to make a reservation for a single day at a Disney property there’s a minimum of 10 points and you have to draw those points from only one account – you cannot use points from two different accounts for that single day reservation.

I hope this information has been useful to you.  If there are any other questions that we can answer for you, please contact us.


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Syed Sarmad, Principal  Broker for Advantage Vacation