Whether you are an experienced timeshare owner or a first time buyer, you should consult a licensed timeshare resale broker who will review every detail of the timeshare resale, address any concerns you might have about the resale and answer any of your questions regarding the transaction.

A timeshare resale broker is a licensed professional who is held to a higher ethical standard. A reputable timeshare broker is responsible for providing you with all the major points of the timeshare resale – good and bad and must present you with an honest and accurate representation of all the facts regarding the timeshare resale.

A licensed timeshare resale broker is an experienced professional who is a specialist in the timeshare industry. By consulting with a timeshare resale broker you will know what benefits accompany the sale and what are not transferrable. A broker will ask you questions about how, when and where you like to vacation in order to better assist you in finding just the right timeshare resale for you and your family. And of course purchasing a timeshare resale will save you thousands of dollars verses a retail timeshare purchase.

Syed Sarmad is the Principal Broker for Advantage Vacation. He has over 30 years in the timeshare industry. Our goal at Advantage Vacation is to exceed your expectations. Check out our online listing of timeshare resales.