With a reputation for excellent service for owners and guests, Marriott owners are treated like family and with over 53 first-class resort locations with 1, 2 or 3-bedroom units, your annual vacation can include a new destination each year.

Resale purchasers can reserve at their home resort, and exchange into other resort locations through intervals International (Marriott Points and Rewards programs are for developer purchases only).


Reservations can be made 12 months prior to vacationing, which is especially helpful for high demand dates such as holidays or popular events. You can contact Owner Services as early as 9 a.m. Eastern time 12 months before the first check-in day of your desired vacation week and request a reservation for arrival on any of that week’s check-in days.

If you are a multiple-week Owner, you can make reservations 13 months in advance.  Reservations are required to be made concurrently.   Requesting your week as early as possible provides optimal reservation ability and reservations are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis, based on availability.

To contact Marriott to make a reservation request:

• By phone: 800-845-4226 or 801-468-4089 (Marriott Vacation Club International Owners), or

800-442-7796 or 801-468-4270 (Horizons by Marriott Vacation Club Owners)

Or Via the Marriott Web site:


Marriott uses different names for the various seasons at their resort locations with floating weeks as follows;

• Platinum Holiday, Platinum Plus, Platinum (sometimes divided into Platinum Summer and Platinum Ski), Gold Holiday, Gold, Silver, Bonus Time, Bronze

• Special, Summer, Sport, Value, Preferred

• Red, White, Blue

• Fixed weeks (e.g., Streamside and Maui Sequel). Most of the Platinum Plus and Platinum Holiday weeks are fixed weeks.

Not all resorts have all of the seasons indicated. As an example, Las Vegas has one basic season and Grande Ocean has four. But both use the “Platinum” season system. Desert Springs Villas uses the designation of Red, White and Blue, which are the equivalent of Platinum, Gold, and Silver.


As of June 20, 2010, Marriott Vacation Club Points will be sold directly by Marriott to new owners, and are also referred to as Destinations Club. These points allow owners to reserve individual days instead of entire weeks at Marriott locations of their choice. Anyone purchasing deeded weeks on the resale market after 6/20/2010 will not be able to convert to points; they must be purchased direct from the developer. If you bought a resale timeshare prior to June 20, 2010, conversions to points can be purchased. Destination Points can be reversed back to floating weeks later if desired, and will automatically convert back if resold.


A legacy week is a deeded timeshare week, which is Marriott’s original program that is not points related. Existing owners who do not convert to the new points program will have a legacy week, as well as purchasers of resale timeshare on the open market after June 20, 2010. Usage can still be split into a 3 and 4 day stay within the Marriott system, or exchanged through I.I..


The existing points program, called Marriott Rewards Points, are for owners who purchased direct from the Developer, whereby their regular usage can be converted to Rewards Points and used for airlines, hotels, and merchandise.


When purchasing Marriott timeshares on the resale market, it is important to be aware that most Marriott properties include a legal clause which gives Marriott the right to purchase a unit back. Marriott must be notified in writing and given the option to buy the week at the same agreed upon terms instead of allowing the proposed purchaser to buy it. Technically, the owner is asking Marriott to waive its Right of First Refusal (“ROFR”), and the developer has a limited time to respond to the notification. Marriott normally responds within 10 days.

Program Exchange procedures

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Program Disclosure Guide

Addendum for PlusPoints

Marriott Rewards Terms and Conditions

Interval International Buyer’s Guide

We at Advantage Vacation  believe that whether you are purchasing from the developer or from a resale company  educate yourself on the benefits of the timeshare property you are interested in. Take your time. Do your homework.

You can save thousands of dollars on a timeshare resale. If you are interested in what resales are selling for check out Advantage Vacation timeshare resales at Marriott’s properties