Syed and I were on site at a resort in Solana Beach CA for many years. The name of the resort is Sand Pebbles. We have sold many timeshare resales to people from Arizona because of the great southern California weather in the summer months compared to Arizona. We have this one family who have purchased many timeshare resale weeks from us. We have sold 4 generations in their family. We are honored that they have always come to us to purchase.  It is the highest compliment our company can receive.  They are wonderful people who come every year to their home resort with the whole family and enjoy their ownership at the resort and each other. I asked if I could share their family vacation picture and with their approval I will post it in this article. I love their story. It is timeshare at it’s best! Everyone uses their resort to gather together every year. They even bring their bikes. What a great way to keep the family together.