This article is a continuation of the article posted Thursday, October 27, 2011 regarding the owners movement at The Point of Poipu, Kauai resort to engage and educate more of their time share owners about the Diamond Resorts International Hawaiian Collection (DRI) management questions and issues.

Question 6: Are you concerned that another timeshare resort that had issues similar to those at The Point at Poipu, Polynesian Isle 1 and 4 in Orlando, Florida, recently removed DRI from managing their resort?

Response: A recent conversation of a deeded owner with the President of the Board at Polynesian Isle 1 confirmed this. Requests to turn over the owner’s list only happened after Polynesian Isle 1 hired an attorney. After DRI was voted out, a new management company took over. Accordingly, the Point at Poipu needs to investigate whether a management contract with DRI should be renewed.

Question 7: Are you aware that when you convert to DRI points without retaining your traditional float/view deed you lose your right to vote at The Point at Poipu?

Response: Traditional float/view deeded week owners who have not made any changes still have the right to vote on association matters. If you owned traditional float/view deeded weeks and assigned them to DRI points, you still retain ownership of your deed and still have the right to vote on association matters. If you converted your traditional weeks to points, which put the points into the DRI trust, you relinquished your deeds to the trust and you can no longer vote at The Point at Poipu. The continued viability of the association at The Point at Poipu resort is strengthened by owners who retain their deeds and weakened by those that give them up.

Question 8: Are you concerned that DRI currently takes foreclosed deeds, converts them to points, and sells them for points in the DRI trust?

Response: DRI’s presence as a management company has resulted in a significant increase in maintenance fees. Consequently, many deeded owners have been forced into foreclosure. DRI has been acquiring these deeds three months after issuing notice of delinquency. Once again, this weakens the effectiveness of the association at the Point at Poipu. It appears that the DRI management company is working against our association.

Question 9: Do you know there is an organization of concerned deeded owners that increases in membership daily (currently approaching 400)?

Response: A group of concerned deeded owners have formed an organization called Concerned Deeded Owners at The Point at Poipu (CDOPP). The purpose of this organization is to take the appropriate steps to restore control of the Point at Poipu. Because CDOPP has no access to the deeded owner’s list, this group is attempting to reach owners via this document and through its new website. For further information, enter in your internet browser or, enter or CDOPP in a Google search.

Question 10: Are you sufficiently concerned to join the CDOPP team in its efforts against DRI?

Response: When your answer is YES, please contact the appropriate CDOPP representatives listed below based on the first letter of your last name. Feel free to contact any of these individuals for further details and progress reports. You may also wish to contact the DRI customer relations and legal department directly at their corporate number: 877.374.2582 or meet with the Point at Poipu General Manager, Chris Gampon. Please document exactly what they tell you and send the information to one of the persons below. Documentation is very important!

A – F Richard Batchelder, President

G – M Myra Orta, Secretary

N – S Roger Veach, Vice President

T-Z Linda Fleming, Treasurer

Advantage Vacation will continue to follow and report the developments of this very important issue affecting all timeshare owners at The Point at Poipu,  Kaui Diamond Resorts.

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