Advantage Vacation continues to receive comments in response to articles we are posting relating to the water intrusion special assessment at the Diamond Resort Point at Poipu on Kaua i.  Following you will find the most recent comments and observations from owners at the Point at Poipu resort.

January 5, 2012:  Thank you for posting the letter above, I can only hope the owners in cyber land find this web site and the Poipu Point blog site as they come to realize that DRI is taking all we owners to the bank and stripping us of our savings and also future happy vacations on our special Kaua i.   This comment was generated in response to our posting of a letter from an unhappy owner at Point at Poipu to Howard Nusbaum, CEO of ARDA.

January 13, 2012:  Two comments were inspired by our article on the popular CBS reality show “Undercover Boss” season opener (which will air tonight) featuring the CEO of Diamond Resorts International, Stephen Cloobeck.

The first comment received:  I think that you said it all.

The second comment received:  We have found our timeshare to be useful. We purchased it in 1995 and have used it every year. Being in the military, it is challenging to get time off and take trips to nice locations. Around 2006, when DRI took over management of the timeshare, the fees increased about 20% per year. Even with the fees reaching $1400 per year, it was worth it for our family to take one nice vacation between my multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. We just modified our budget to include the additional fee. Then this year the bill arrived and indicated that we had to pay $6000. And we had 90 days to pay it or DRI would aggressively commence collections, put our account into a delinquent status, and ruin our credit. Luckily they ‘generously’ provided a payment plan which only required us to pay $4000 of the fees and spread the remainder over the next three years. DRI claims that only a minority of customers are upset with these fees, I tend to think that the majority are boxed in the same corner as the rest of us and are forced to pay. There are many other factors contributing to this story, but I have already taken too much of your blog space.

I am disappointed that CBS is running this show, which will result in ‘good press’ for this company. I am certain that many people will buy into the scam as a result, and end up in the same trap that we have found ourselves in. People who buy today are not warned about the water damage during the sales pitch and do not find out until the bill arrives. I really cannot understand how these folks can sleep at night.

Advantage Vacation will continue to monitor and report on any news regarding the Diamond Resort Point at Poipu timeshare resort on Kaua i.

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