Aloha, I’m Syed Sarmad and I’m the principal broker for Advantage Vacation.  We’re a licensed real estate company located on the island of Maui and our offices are located at the Lahaina Cannery Mall.  We’ve been in the business of timeshare resales for over 20 years. 

Today I would like to discuss Marriott Vacation Club property in Maui.  It’s called the Marriott Maui Ocean Club.  There are two phases at the Marriott Maui Ocean Club – one is the original phase which is the hotel conversion phase.  The new phase consists of the towers Lahaina and Napili Villas.

The original phase has partial kitchens in the rooms and washers and dryers are on the premises, they are not located in the units.  The new phase of Lahaina and Napili Villas has fully furnished condominiums with full kitchens and washers and dryers in the living room.

Marriott has two types of programs – they have the Destination Club Points Program and then they have what they call the Legacy Week.

I would first like to talk about the Legacy Week Program.  The Legacy Week Program is where you purchase at your home resort in a specific type of unit – whether it’s a one bedroom, two bedroom unit or a three bedroom unit in the case of the Lahaina and Napili Villas in Oceanview, Oceanfront, Mountain/Garden View or Island View – those are the categories you can purchase.  If you purchase one of those weeks then you can make your reservations at your home resort or if you want to make an exchange you would have to go through Interval International to make an exchange.  If you are a multiple week owner in the Legacy Week Program you can make your reservations up to 13 months in advance.  You could own in two different Marriott resorts and you can make reservations 13 months in advance consecutively at your two respective home resorts. Marriott allocates half of the inventory for people that have the capability of making reservations 13 months in advance. If you are a single week owners then you can make reservations up to 12 months in advance at your home resort. If you want to make an exchange as a Legacy Week owner you would have to go thru Interval International to make that exchange.

If you have purchased your timeshare prior to June 20, 2010 you have the option of enrolling in the Marriott Destination Club Points Program and then participating in the Destination Club Points Program for internal exchanges separately.

In all cases with Marriott Legacy Week purchases you cannot convert your week into Marriott Reward Points which is used for Marriott hotel s. Therefore if you are making a purchase now on a resale you have the ability to reserve your week at your home resort either 13 months in advance or 12 months in advance depending on how many weeks you own or if you want to make an exchange you’d have to go through Interval International to make an exchange.

Marriott Destination Club Points Program is a points based program where you have a beneficial interest in a land trust which consists of a collection of inventory from the various properties at the Marriott Vacation Club program.

The benefits that are available to a resale purchaser are exactly, 100% the same as if you bought from the Developer and those prices are obviously also significantly less on the resale market.

I hope this information is useful to you.  If there are any other questions I can answer for you, please get in touch with us.

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Syed Sarmad, Principal Broker for Advantage Vacation