Last weekend Syed and I spent at Maui Showcase Properties located at The Cannery Mall. Our timeshare resale office for Advantage Vacation  is located at Maui Showcase Properties and The Cannery Mall often has activities or events for the public. This past weekend was The International Ice Sculpting Weekend. Wow, there were 300 lb blocks of ice that these men turned into beautiful sculptures in about 1.5 hours. The contestants came from Japan and across Hawaii. They were wielding chainsaws, picks, drills and chisels. It was a freestyle exhibit and I was glad to have spent the early afternoon watching these men create amazing sculptures. I took some pictures and thought you would enjoy seeing them. If you are on island next year during the week of Nov 13 this is a don’t miss event!

Winning Ice Sculpture

It seemed a shame that they just sat and melted.  It made me want sushi!  Any one of the sculptures would have made a beautiful buffett table.