Hyatt Residence Club timeshares are located in California, Florida, Colorado, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Texas and offer luxurious beach, mountain and desert accommodations.

Hyatt Kaanapali Beach Club

Hyatt Kaanapali Beach Club

Hyatt Vacation Club members have access to 18 Hyatt-owned resorts and to 1200 resorts through the timeshare exchange service, Interval International. Members of Hyatt Vacation Club are automatically enrolled in Interval International. The membership fees are waived and renew automatically for Hyatt Vacation Club members.

For over 17 years now, Hyatt has also been running a successful vacation club that offers members luxury vacations at their lifestyle resorts.  As with most vacation clubs with timeshares for sale Hyatt Vacation Club operates on a point system.

Most owners purchase a fixed week timeshare at one of Hyatt’s luxury timeshare resorts which can then be converted into points for the purposes of exchange and accumulation. The point value of a Hyatt timeshare depends on the type of unit, time of week and season.

Hyatt Vacation Club members can split up points and use them as they see fit. If, for example, you owned a one week timeshare resale in a 2-bedroom unit, you could redeem your points for two weeks in a 1-bedroom unit.

Members are also entitled to borrow points from the next calendar year to stay in larger rooms or extend their vacations.

Unused points expire after 6 months so owners must redeem their points or convert them for use with Hyatt Vacation Club’s affiliate, Interval International.

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Hyatt Timeshares for Sale & Resale

Following you will find a list of Hyatt Vacation Club resorts, their locations, types of unit sizes available at each resort and the individual Points Chart and Point Values Chart for each of the Hyatt timeshare resorts:

Hyatt Points Chart and Calendar

Hyatt Residence Club Points Chart & Point Values Chart


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