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Aloha, my name is Syed Sarmad and I’m the Principal Broker for Advantage Vacation. We specialize in the resales of Hilton Grand Vacation timeshares. Advantage Vacation has been in the business of reselling timeshares for over 25 years. Our office is located in the Lahaina Cannery Mall in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.

In particular, our speciality is Hilton Grand Vacation Club resorts in Hawaii, Las Vegas and Florida.

The Grand Waikikian at Hilton Hawaiian Village

The Grand Waikikian at Hilton Hawaiian Village

The Hawaii resorts include the Hilton Hawaiian Village which includes the Lagoon Towers, the Grand Waikikian, the Kalia Tower and now the Grand Islander. On the Big Island, the properties include the Bay Club, the Waikoloa Beach Resort and Kings Land.

The Hilton timeshare properties in Las Vegas include The Flamingo, the HGVC on Paradise and also the HGVC on The Strip.

The Hilton timeshare Florida properties are the ones in Orlando which include the Seaworld, the Tuscany and the Parc Soleil.

The information I am about to share with you is how you can go about selling your Hilton Grand Vacation timeshare. There are two ways you can sell your Hilton timeshare:

The first option is you can sell it yourself! You can advertise it, find a buyer, sometimes people use websites such as Ebay. If you find a buyer, you can contact a licensed title company to handle the transaction for you. These are the questions you should ask the title company – have they handled resales of your property?   Are they familiar with the resort management company’s policies and requirements, transfer fees, estoppel fees,  how long does the transfer process take, how long does the right of first refusal process take? If you are comfortable, then you proceed with them.

The second option is to hire a broker. Here are the points to consider when you’re looking for a broker:

  1. A licensed agent has the responsibility of delivering accurate information to a prospective buyer.
  2. A licensed broker with experience and expertise can actually improve the chances of selling your property by providing your Hilton timeshare with greater exposure and being able to answer a prospective buyers questions – pointing out the difference between resale versus retail, which benefits transfers and which ones don’t, how long the sales process takes, how long the transfer process takes, how the new owner goes about making reservations and how best to utilize their timeshare.
  3. Find out how much experience the broker has in selling timeshares of your property. Have they sold properties at this resort before? How frequently have they handled resales at your resort? And finally, how will they market your Hilton timeshare – that is the most important thing.
  4. Where is the company’s physical business office location where a client can actually come and see them?

So price is not the only reason why people choose to do business with someone. People like to do business with someone who has knowledge, expertise and above all else someone they can trust and have confidence in.

I hope this information is useful to you. Thank you.


Syed Sarmad, Principal Broker for Advantage Vacation