Following you will find information regarding the 2017 Maintenance Fees at Aulani, a Disney timeshare:

DVC Annual Dues Explanation:

Aside from the initial buy-in cost (which is a one-time cost), Disney Vacation Club members must pay annual dues (also commonly called “maintenance fees”) on their ownership interest. Maintenance fees are expressed on a per-point basis, and vary by resort.

Aulani kitchen and living area

One of the obligations of being an owner is to help pay the operating costs and upkeep of the resort. Annual dues cover operating expenses (housekeeping, transportation, maintenance, utilities, Front Desk services), administrative expenses (Member Services, member mailings, insurance), refurbishment expenses (updating and maintaining the interior, exterior, and common areas), and real estate taxes (property taxes).

You can choose to pay your dues annually or spread payments out monthly with no finance charge.

Dues vary by resort and are expressed in terms of a set dollar amount per point.

The 2017 Maintenance Fee at the Disney timeshare at Aulani is $7.0297.


Syed Sarmad, Principal Broker for Advantage Vacation