If you answer yes, to any of the questions below, the chances are very good that you are suffering from Vacation Deprivation…a relatively new, but sometimes serious condition that can affect your overall health, the health and well being of your family, personal relationships, communities and even the environment. Some people are even taking it upon themselves to create new holiday experiences for others. From looking into companies such as Atlanta Custom Concrete to develop RV sites for camping enthusiasts, to building relaxing retreats, hopefully taking time to go on holiday will become a lot more frequent for a lot of us! We deserve to treat ourselves once in a while.

  1. Do you currently have 3 or more days of vacation time accumulated that you have not made any plans to use in the near future?
  2. In the past month, have you felt you are approaching “burnout”?
  3. Are you feeling depressed, tired and/or listless while at work?
  4. Are you having trouble sleeping through the night?

According to two recent studies, Americans are not taking the vacation time they need to rejuvenate and recharge their batteries and the results are affecting job performance, stress levels and overall wellness.

The first study conducted by Expedia, found that an estimated 47.5 million Americans will not use all of their vacation days and will in fact, leave at least three vacation days unused. The second study conducted by a U.S./Canadian initiative to challenge the epidemic of overwork found that a little over a quarter of those surveyed took no vacation time at all last year and a little over fifty percent took one week or less. If you’re thinking you’re vacation deprived and it’s time to take you and your family on a much needed trip away, it doesn’t take much, you don’t even have to go abroad, you could get one of these SUVs and go for a family road trip for example.

What can you do if you are feeling “vacation deprived”?

First, take the time to make the vacation happen. Plan ahead and get the entire family involved in the planning.

Second, prioritize what is important to you and your family when you vacation. Are amenities such as golf courses, spas and world class restaurants important? Or are kid oriented amenities more important like theme parks, swimming pools, miniature golf and family style restaurants? What about destinations? Remote island destinations or a destination within easy driving distance?

Third, think about what type of accommodations will work best for you and your family. A typical hotel room or something more spacious like an apartment or condo?

Fourth, and most important – commit to a vacation, enjoy the time you spend with your family and then look forward to and begin to plan the next vacation!

How would a timeshare vacation provide you and your family with a better vacation?

Timeshare vacations are often thought of as a second home or vacation home. There are no surprises when you travel and vacation with time share. Unlike a typical hotel room, a timeshare resort (think Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton and Starwood resorts) offers fully equipped kitchens, one, two and three bedroom professionally decorated, luxurious accommodations with a variety of amenities on site. Amenities vary from resort to resort, and may include championship golf courses, full service spas, beautiful beaches, tennis courts, swimming pools and world class restaurants. You’ll know the room, the view and amenities ahead of time. Vacationing with time share provides for better family time because everyone has a place to unwind and their favorite activities to participate in.

Think of timeshare as a sort of vacation insurance! Whether you decide to reserve a favorite vacation spot to return to every year or you decide to trade for a new experience, vacationing with timeshare ensures that you will vacation every year. Timeshare vacations offer the full spectrum of vacationing from romantic to rejuvenating to action-packed. You decide how and what type of vacation ownership works best for you and your family.

The possibilities of vacationing are endless with more than 5,000 resorts in 100 countries worldwide. Vacationing has been proven to be good for our health and gives us quality family time together.

Now it’s up to you to choose – the time, the place and the best vacation experience for you and your family!

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