Dear Owner:

You all received a message from Edgar Gum, our Regional Vice President, a couple of days ago about our Maui
Ocean Club (MOC). I wanted to take this opportunity to amplify some of his points and bring you up to date with
our resort.

It is hard to write about the total devastation of our beloved Lahaina Town. The deaths and property damage are
horrific and simply staggering. While it will take years to rebuild the town, there is a strong community sentiment to
do exactly that. As we all know, the Lahaina community is a dedicated and determined group who will take on this
extraordinary challenge to return Lahaina to its former charm.

Our resort and the rest of Kā’anapali escaped with only minor issues. Power has been fully restored. Cell phone
service and access to the internet are still very sporadic. Thankfully, there were no injuries or physical damage to our
buildings or grounds.

That said, our associates have been deeply affected. At least 37 have lost their homes. All our associates know
family and friends who either perished or lost everything. Even with heavy hearts, they are still coming to work. It is
an example of an astounding work ethic that we have seen over and over. There are no better employees anywhere
and we are lucky to have them. To provide them with immediate help, the Board approved the distribution of $500
gift cards to each associate to help them buy groceries and other needed items. These are already in process and will
be delivered soon. Also, families with no place to live have been given temporary lodging at the resort. We currently
have about 40 families with us at the resort and we will work with them to find longer term accommodations.

Many of you have asked how you can individually help. We requested Marriott Vacations Worldwide (MVW)
provide us, as owners, with a mechanism to make donations to our associates to assist them in getting through what
will be a very difficult period.

Their response has been great. Even though they are swamped with a huge number of pressing issues on Maui, they
came up with a plan. The program covers all MVW properties on Maui as a combined group. Those are Marriott’s
Maui Ocean Club (us), Hyatt Vacation Club at Ka’anapali Beach, The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort, The Westin
Nanea Ocean Villas and the Aqua-Aston Hospitality group. We believe this is the best solution for us at the present
time. All these resorts are first-class properties with owners who deeply care about their associates just like we do.
Early contributions (there has been over $200,000 already) indicate the giving is proportional across the properties.

MVW has an existing 501(c)3 fundraising entity that is being used for this purpose. This is important because it did
not need to be created, it is authorized to solicit funds in the majority of states and MVW has generously made it
available to us. By using this entity, contributions will be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Distributions
to associates will be based on need and losses. The exact methodology is still being finalized, however ALL funds
received will be distributed directly to MVW employees. All fundraising expenses will be paid by MVW. In fact,
Marriott Vacation Club has also contributed $250,000 and has agreed to match the first $250,000 that owners

The link to that fund is: Join Us in Supporting Our Associates | MVW Company Relief Fund (Powered by Donorbox)

At our October board meeting, we are going to explore the option of creating a fundraising organization specifically
for MOC. For now, we are confident we are doing the right thing working with the broader group of resorts.

Of course, any donation you make is completely voluntary and will remain confidential. No list of donors will ever
be given to the local management or our board of directors. We will periodically report back to all of you how much
was donated and how it was disbursed.

On behalf of the entire board,

Larry Wolfe
Maui Ocean Club Vacation Owners Association

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