Following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about RCI Points.

What are RCI Points and why should I consider purchasing them?

RCI Points is a program that gives the participant increased flexibility in their vacationing options. Instead of being tied to the same location for the same interval of time each year, RCI Points can be used for weekend getaways or extended stays of up to two weeks or more.

What trading value do RCI Points have?

The beauty of points is there is no trading power – no confusion about ratings or rankings of resorts. Think of RCI Points as currency which allows you to “purchase” exactly where, when and how you want to vacation. As long as you have enough points, you can literally go anywhere you want to vacation.

How many Points do I need?

The number of points varies according to the resort, time of year, location and size of the unit with some additional advantages. If you want to travel to a Caribbean resort which requires 50,000 Points for one week in a Gold Crown resort – you can use those same 50,000 Points to vacation in the same location for FIVE weeks by taking advantage of “Instant Exchange”.

What is an “Instant Exchange”?

If you have the flexibility to make travel plans rather quickly, the “Instant Exchange” could be just what you are looking for! Any request made within 45 days of the check-in date which is confirmed on the INITIAL call, will only require the Points equivalent of that regions lowest season in the smallest unit in a standard resort OR 9,000 Points – whichever is the LEAST!

Can I vacation at my home resort?

Yes. All you have to do is notify RCI between twelve and thirteen months in advance of your arrival date that you do not want your week converted to Points that year.

Can I use my Points at other resorts within the RCI exchange system?

Yes. With nearly 3,800 resorts in over 100 countries you can use your Points to make your vacation dreams come true!

Do I have to book an entire week?

No. That’s the real beauty of Points! You can book a long weekend, a two week stay at an exotic location or any combination of days or weeks at various locations. The choices are endless with Points.

What are the Exchange Fees for RCI Points?

One night reservation is $39

Three night reservation is $79

7 night reservation is $139

Can I borrow Points if I don’t have enough?

Yes. If you do not have enough points for your dream vacation this year, you can simply “borrow” points from next year’s vacation or even rent Points!

Can I save Points?

Yes. You can save Points from this year and use them next year to create your dream vacation!

Can I deposit my RCI weeks into my RCI Points Account?

Yes. There is a $26 fee to deposit your RCI weeks into your RCI Points account. In return, you get more Points added to your existing Points balance which in turn, gives you more choices and flexibility.

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