Following you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about merging the of loyalty programs of Marriott (Marriott Rewards), Starwood (SPG) and Ritz-Carlton Rewards and how they can be linked:

What is changing  with the Starwood SPG, Marriott Rewards and Ritz-Carlton Rewards loyalty programs as a result of the merger?

Marriott Kauai Beach Club

Marriott Kauai Beach Club

The three loyalty programs of Starwood SPG, Marriott Rewards and Ritz-Carlton Rewards will continue to operate as separate entities for some time. However, to take advantage of the best of both programs, members can now link their Starwood SPG and Marriott Rewards accounts, transfer points earned during hotel stays between accounts and receive highest status level match across accounts.

How does this merger affect Vistana Owners (Starwood SPG) Membership?

Vistana Owners (Starwood SPG) will retain their existing SPG Gold- or Platinum-level status, Starpoints balance and Starwood SPG reservations. Vistana Owners will continue to be able to convert their StarOptions into Starpoints as they do today. Starpoints associated with ownership of a Vistana Signature Experiences interest or converted from StarOptions must remain in an SPG account and may only be redeemed at SPG-affiliated hotels.

Will Starwood SPG members continue to earn Starpoints and receive SPG benefits during stays at participating SPG hotels?

Yes. Starwood SPG members will continue to earn eligible Starpoints and receive benefits from participating SPG hotels. SPG members who also join (or are already members of) Marriott Rewards will receive applicable benefits at participating Marriott hotels. Members will only get points and benefits at a hotel if they are enrolled in the program in which that hotel participates.

Will a Vistana owner staying at a Vistana resort continue to earn Starwood StarPoints on applicable resort purchases? If so, will those Starwood StarPoints earned be transferrable to a Marriott Rewards Account?

YES. A Vistana Owner staying  at a Vistana resort will continue to earn Starwood StarPoints on applicable resort purchases. The Starwood StarPoints earned during their stay will be transferrable to a Marriott Rewards account.

How do Starwood SPG members link accounts?

Starwood SPG members can learn how to link their accounts either:, or Although linking accounts will NOT create one account, it is the first step to matching status across programs and the ability to transfer points between accounts.

What is “matching” status?

After linking accounts, a member’s highest status in the Starwood SPG or Marriott Rewards or Ritz-Carlton Rewards program will be applied across both programs. For example, if a member is Platinum in SPG and Silver Elite in Marriott Rewards, they will now be Platinum in both programs.

How do Starwood SPG, Marriott Rewards and Ritz Carlton Rewards members transfer points between Starwood SPG, Marriott Rewards and Ritz Carlton Rewards accounts?

Once the Starwood SPG, Marriott Rewards and Ritz Carlton Rewards accounts are linked, members should log in to their online account at, or and follow the easy steps to initiate the transfer. Currently, transferring of points may only be done online.

Can members use transferred Starwood SPG and Marriott Rewards Points for any redemption option?

Yes. Members can use points eligible for transfer toward any redemption opportunity in both programs. Here are some of the ways they can use their transferred points:

Complimentary nights at any SPG or Marriott Rewards participating hotels

Mix Cash & Points for their stays

Brand-name merchandise and gift cards

Once-in-a-lifetime member experiences

Charitable donations and more

Will Starwood SPG Instant Redemption still be available to use during Starwood SPG hotel stays?

Yes. SPG members will continue to redeem Starpoints for Instant Awards at participating SPG hotels and resorts.

Will anything change with the credit card associated with Starwood SPG?

Starwood SPG credit card holders can keep using their cards as they do today. The SPG card will continue to link to the SPG program and will continue to accumulate points as it does now.


Syed Sarmad, Principal Broker for Advantage Vacation