Timeshares help you stay on your diet!

It seems everyone is on some sort of special diet these days – gluten free, low fat, low carb, vegetarian, low salt and any number of other dietary restrictions or choices. How to continue eating healthy meals while vacationing in a hotel room can be a bit of a challenge when you’re eating out three meals a day.

That is the beauty of a timeshare  vacation where you can enjoy a fully equipped kitchen and stay on that special diet! By shopping before you check in, you’ll have all the groceries of your choice, just like at home. If you are staying at any of the popular timeshare resorts of  Hilton timeshare,  Marriot timeshareHyatt timeshare or Starwood timeshare and are unsure if they have a specific cooking item your diet requires, you can simply contact the timeshare resort prior to arrival and get an itemized list of their kitchen items. You can then decide whether you want to bring the item with you or simply purchase one after your arrival at your timeshare resort.

If you are vacationing at popular and luxurious timeshare resorts in Hawaii, California or Florida, there are the additional health benefits of exercising in the fresh air with long walks, a round of golf, a game of tennis or biking.

Vacationing has been proven to be good for our health and gives us quality family time together. So start the New Year right by enjoying a timeshare resale vacation and stay healthy!

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Advantage Vacation offers the best buys on the timeshare resale market!  We never charge an upfront fee and only receive a commission, paid from escrow, when the transaction is closed.

We are committed to keeping you informed and updated through our educational platform – wetalktimeshare which will give you the latest timeshare news, timeshare trends and answer your timeshare FAQ’s (frequently asked questions).

We have been in the timeshare industry for over 30 years and are proud that our business has been founded on owner’s referrals.  We are Accredited Members of The BBB with an A + Rating and specialize in the most popular and luxurious timeshares including Hilton timeshare,  Marriot timeshareHyatt timeshare and Starwood timeshare.