To find out, answer the following questions:

  1. Do you and your family take a vacation every year?
  2. Do you take more than one vacation a year?
  3. Do you visit different destinations and/or locations each time you take a vacation?
  4. Do you return to your favorite vacation spot each year?
  5. Do you vacation during different seasons of the year?
  6. Do you stay in a hotel while vacationing or rent a condo or apartment?
  7. Do you drive to your vacation spot or fly?
  8. How long is your preferred vacation?  One week, two weeks or more?

In response to your answers:  If you vacation anytime during the year,

Then, a timeshare is for you

Timeshares offer flexibility in vacationing choices and when purchasing a resort specific timeshare week, at a Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt or Starwood property you have the security of knowing you own a piece of real estate much like owning a second home or vacation home, while only paying for the actual time you use.   In addition, you have the peace of mind of consistent high quality at these luxurious resorts while not staying in a typical hotel room.  Timeshare resorts offer beautifully decorated, spacious accommodations with fully equipped kitchens and separate dining areas in one, two or three bedroom units with a variety of amenities.  Many resorts have championship golf courses, full service spas, swimming pools, beaches, world class restaurants and are located in some of the most desirable and popular locations worldwide.

The options of ownership or usage are equally flexible depending on how you and your family like to vacation.  If you have found a favorite spot to vacation each year in Florida, California or Hawaii, then you should consider buying a timeshare at a resort specific location, perhaps a Hyatt or Starwood property.  If you are more adventurous and the family likes to explore different locations and enjoy new adventures, you may want to explore buying in a points-based vacation club like Marriott or Hilton

You know best how your family likes to vacation, so do your research, do the math and see which type of timeshare ownership will work best for you and your family.  Timeshare is truly a form of vacation insurance – ensuring that you and your family will be enjoying vacation time together every year!

It’s a fact:  Vacationing has been proven to be good for our health and gives us quality family time together.  While timeshare should never be purchased as a financial investment, owning a time share is an investment in quality vacations in the future for your family and loved ones.

At Advantage Vacation our goal is to educate the public on the timeshare industry and timeshare resales. If you are interested in purchasing a timeshare resale or selling a time share, the licensed real estate professionals at Advantage Vacation would be happy to assist you, answer your questions and be with you every step of the way – even after the transaction is completed. 

Advantage Vacation offers the best buys on the timeshare resale market!  We never charge an upfront fee and only receive a commission, paid from escrow, when the transaction is closed. 

We are committed to keeping you informed and updated through our educational platform – wetalktimeshare which will give you the latest timeshare news, timeshare trends and answer your timeshare FAQ’s (frequently asked questions).

We have been in the timeshare industry for over 30 years and are proud that our business has been founded on owner’s referrals. We are Accredited Members of The BBB with an A + Rating and specialize in the most popular and luxurious timeshares including Hilton timeshares,  Marriott timesharesHyatt timeshares and Starwood timeshares.