Sheraton Vistana Villages is a Starwood timeshare resale. Located in Orlando, this timeshare resale resort is an attraction in and of itself. After a full day of fun, a stroll around the resort treats you to Florida’s diverse and colorful history reflected in the architectural style of the resort buildings, and its diverse botanical topography reflected in the lush landscaping.

Sheraton Vistana Villages in Florida Fitness Center

Sheraton Vistana Villages in Florida Fitness Center

In general, associations are becoming more aggressive about collection techniques of maintenance fees and thus delinquencies have gone down. With more people paying their maintenance fees, delinquencies going down and costs not rising, fees have become more stabilized, increases have remained modest and the rate of increase has not been as great as in the past.

Following you will find the 2016 Annual Fees for Sheraton Vistana Villages Bella, Key West and St. Augustine sections which includes the SVN fee.

Bella Section 

Every Other Year                        2 Bedroom                        $   580.81

Every Other Year                        2 Bedroom Lockoff          $   649.50

Key West Section

Annual                                            2 Bedroom                        $   988.00

Annual                                            3 Bedroom Lockoff          $1,782.82

St. Augustine Section 

Annual                                           2 Bedroom                        $   822.33


Syed Sarmad, Principal Broker for Advantage Vacation