Sheraton Vistana Resort Pool

Sheraton Vistana Resort Pool

Sheraton Vistana Resort puts you up close to all the great family attractions Orlando is known for. With 135 acres of lush, tropical landscaping, calming fountains, lots of refreshing swimming pools, tennis courts and other fun amenities there are plenty of activities right at the resort to keep every member of the family entertained!

In general, associations are becoming more aggressive about collection techniques of maintenance fees and thus delinquencies have gone down. With more people paying their maintenance fees, delinquencies going down and costs not rising, fees have become more stabilized, increases have remained modest and the rate of increase has not been as great as in the past.

Following you will find the 2014 Annual and Bi-annual Maintenance Fees for Sheraton Vistana Resort Fountains II, Spas, Lakes and Cascades Sections.

Fountains II Two Bedroom Annual                           $   747.06              Bi-Ennial            $   393.53

Spas Two Bedroom Annual                                          $   697.20              Bi-Ennial            $   368.60

Lakes Two Bedroom Annual                                        $   815.67              Bi-Ennial            $   407.84

Cascades One Bedroom Annual                                  $   338.97              Bi-Ennial            $   189.49

Cascades Two Bedroom Annual                                 $   704.38              Bi-Ennial            $   372.19

Cascades Two Bedroom Lockoff Annual               $   914.58                 Bi-Ennial            $   477.29