In my ongoing commitment to keeping Maui timeshare owners up to date and informed, I just received information that on August 15, 2013, the Maui County Planning Committee heard a bill (PC-18) proposed by Councilmember Hokama to prohibit any new timeshare units or plans in the Hotel District and Service Business Residential District. If passed, this legislation would eliminate any further timeshare development in Maui County, including conversions of hotel properties to timeshare.  

The bill only dealt with new timeshares – those already in existence would be given a pass. But the bill would make clear that new visitor accommodations built in the county would definitely be of the hotel nature.

ARDA and ARDA-ROC, the American Resort Development Association – Resort Owners Coalition, timeshare industry advocates for timeshare owners and developers strongly oppose any proposals which would erode the rights of all timeshare industry participants – from owners to developers.  

ARDA-ROC has stated on numerous occasions, they believe that the timeshare industry and its owners are loyal, committed and productive contributors to the community and are a vital component of the hospitality industry and to Maui County’s overall economy.  

As we reported in April 2012 after the Maui County Council meeting, the representatives from the timeshare resorts noted that they employ a large number of people and pay a lot of property taxes, much higher taxes than any other real estate property taxes on the island.  These resorts provide steady employment and contribute many tourist dollars to the economy.  Timeshare owners pay taxes and spend money not just during high season, but year round and the majority of the timeshare resorts on Maui maintain an average of 90%+ occupancy year round.

In May, 2012, the Maui County Council Budget and Finance Committee voted to increase the timeshare property tax rate and while it was lower than the requested rate increase, it marked the second year in a row where the largest tax increase on Maui fell on timeshare owners. 

I agree with ARDA-ROC’s statement that there appears to be no reasonable justification for such proposed legislation to eliminate any further timeshare development in Maui County and join them in saying thanks to those county officials that voted to defer the proposal.   

Due to industry opposition, the Committee elected to defer the bill until such time that a thorough legal analysis can be completed. 

I will continue to monitor the progress of this proposal in order to keep you up to date.  You are invited to subscribe to our newsletter by clicking on:  Advantage Vacation newsletter.

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