Marriott Vacation Club Destinations is an easy to use, points-based ownership program where you have a beneficial interest in a land trust which consists of a collection of inventory from the various properties of the MVCD “collections” and which entitles you to receive the same allotment of Vacation Club Points for use every year.

Marriott Kauai Beach Club

The MVC Destinations point values for the weeks, seasons, and unit sizes for each Club resort will vary from resort to resort.

Resale information:    All benefits transfer on a Marriott timeshare resale purchase.

To view the current MVCD Points Chart, click on the following link:

Marriott Vacation Club Destinations 2017 and 2018 Points Chart

Following you will find some of the benefits all MVCD owners enjoy, information on ownership levels and  some of the additional flexibility and choices.

Marriott Vacation Club Destinations benefits that all MVCD Owners enjoy:

Owners can book another Marriott Vacation Club resort directly

Owners can book any number of nights – 7 night stays are no longer necessary

Owners can check-in day of the week – it doesn’t have to be a weekend day

Owners can confirm bedroom size and view at the time of the reservation

Owners enjoy a single annual fee that replaces reservation fees such as: internal exchange fee, lock-off fee, trading for Marriott Rewards points fee and Interval International membership

Note:  Maintenance fees continue to be assessed.

Ownership levels:

Basic Ownership – 2,500 to 6,500 Vacation Club Points

Premier Status – 6,500 to 12,999 Vacation Club Points

Premier Plus Status – 13,000+ Vacation Club Points

MVC Destinations Owners enjoy greater vacation flexibility and vacation choices at all levels of membership. Following you will find some of the additional flexibility and choices:

  1. Reservation Windows with Point Premium:

Basic Ownership:             13 months 7+ nights

Premier Status:                 N/A

Premier Status Plus:       N/A

  1. Enjoy longer reservation windows with no point premiums:

Basic Ownership:             12 months 7+ nights                       10 months 1+ night

Premier Status:                 13 months 7+ nights                       10 months 1+ night

Premier Plus Status:       13 months 1+ night

  1. Last Minute Reservations Point Discounts:

Basic Ownership:             N/A

Premier Status:                 25% discount 30 days prior to arrival

Premier Plus Status:       30% discount 60 days prior to arrival


Syed Sarmad, Principal Broker for Advantage Vacation