Hyatt recently released details regarding the branding change from Hyatt Residence Club to Hyatt Vacation Club. Below you will find all of the information that Hyatt has released about Hyatt Vacation Club thus far.


1. What is Hyatt Vacation Club?
Hyatt Vacation Club is the new name for the brand. The Hyatt Vacation Club brand will include
20+ properties, including those known currently as Hyatt Residence Club and those known
previously as the Welk Resorts, along with vacation ownership products such as the Hyatt
Residence Club Portfolio Program and the Hyatt Vacation Club Platinum Program.

2. What is the BEYOND program?
As part of the launch of Hyatt Vacation Club, we will be expanding the vacation experiences
available to Owners through exchange. This offering will include an exchange option called
BEYOND that will allow Owners of the Platinum and Portfolio products to use their Ownership
for cruises, tours, and hotel stays.
Reflecting these new exchange offerings and the enhanced resort experiences, the brand will
be unifying under the name Hyatt Vacation Club when they roll out this summer. At that time,
20+ resorts will fly the Hyatt Vacation Club flag, including all those that are part of Hyatt
Residence Club today.

3. Didn’t Hyatt Vacation Club already exist?
Yes, Hyatt Vacation Club is not a new concept. This was the original brand name for our first
timeshare resort, Hyatt Sunset Harbor, which opened in Key West in 1995. The original Hyatt
Vacation Club would eventually grow to include 14 resorts before becoming Hyatt Residence
Club in 2009.

4. How is this new brand different from Hyatt Residence Club?
Hyatt Residence Club is becoming Hyatt Vacation Club. After hearing from Owners, we
considered your love of what you own and your evolving needs so we will be introducing Hyatt
Vacation Club across all our resorts.
As we focus on growing the ways that people vacation, we want to offer our Owners a true
“Vacation Club” experience, and we have plans to update the resorts and offerings to reflect
this distinction. Ownership will be elevated as Owners may continue to use home resorts but
also have the opportunity to go beyond to access new parts of the world in different ways.
With the enhancement of the Hyatt Vacation Club brand, you can expect new signage and
logos. Also expect new sounds, scents, and more, including an amplified experiential activities
program and branded service standards throughout the resorts. (Resort signage changes will
begin later this summer.)

5. Why is Hyatt Residence Club changing its brand name?
Hyatt Vacation Club better reflects the vacation-focused resort experience, the expanded
benefits of Ownership, and the array of new vacation experiences we intend to provide for you
with the BEYOND program.

6. How is this different from my current Ownership?/What is changing about my
Ownership?/Will I receive new benefits?/Are any of my current benefits going away?
Owners will still enjoy their current usage options just as they do today, but we expect you will
also soon be able to use Portfolio Points for exciting new exchange opportunities such as
cruises, hotels, and travel experiences through the BEYOND program.
You will also continue to have the opportunity to enjoy exchanges with Interval International®,
receiving Priority Access and reduced exchange fees to exchange within eligible Hyatt
Vacation Club resorts.
Owners may also continue to convert eligible Portfolio and Club Points to World of Hyatt®
Bonus Points for stays at more than 1,200 hotels and resorts in 70+ countries.

7. Will the enhanced brand provide a better experience for Owners?
We believe so! As part of this reimagining, we are looking across the Ownership experience to
try to create more happiness through purposeful
vacation experiences.
Access and reservation rights will remain the same with the important enhancement of the
BEYOND Program for those with Portfolio Points. More vacation options are certainly a benefit
but if you want to use what you own as you always have, you can do that as well. We also
believe Hyatt Vacation Club better reflects the benefits of Ownership and the experience we
intend to provide for Owners.

8. What will be different at the resorts?
Our associates will continue to focus on providing outstanding service as we champion and
celebrate the power of vacations, providing purposeful, enriching vacation experiences. You
may notice some small things starting to look and feel different within our resorts too,
including new logos. Your on-site experience will be recharged, including an amplified
experiential activities program and a branded service experience through the resorts.

9. Will this impact Owner maintenance fees?
The maintenance fees are a direct reflection of the costs to operate and maintain the resorts.
We understand the importance of minimizing any maintenance fee impacts and are working to
include costs within existing operating expenses, where possible. As the management
company, we consistently share and discuss key market issues with the boards of directors and
review options to balance economic challenges with the ongoing costs needed to keep the
resorts at the level all Owners have come to expect. Our on-site leaders, along with the finance
and accounting team, continually review options to keep the operating costs to a minimum but
are dealing with the inflation pressures of today’s marketplace.

10. Will I now be able to book directly to all Hyatt Vacation Club resorts using my Portfolio or
Club Points?
No. Your Ownership and ownership booking rights are not changing at all.
You can place an Interval International® request to travel to the resorts within the Hyatt
Vacation Club Platinum Program. Additionally, you will receive a discounted fee and Priority
Access over other Interval International members who are not Hyatt Residence Club or Hyatt
Vacation Club Owners when requesting an exchange to these participating resorts:
• Northstar Lodge, Lake Tahoe
• One Village Place, Lake Tahoe
• Desert Oasis, Palm Springs Area
• The Welk, San Diego Area
• The Ranahan, Breckenridge
• Sirena del Mar, Cabo San Lucas
• The Lodges at Timber Ridge, Branson
Please note, Interval International will not allow you to place an internal exchange request to
travel to a former Hyatt Residence Club property since reservations at these resorts can be
confirmed through the Club-to-Club exchange process.

11. Will the fractional Hyatt Residence Club resorts be rebranded as well?
While part of the Hyatt Vacation Club family, the fractional resorts will be given a special name
that honors the way these Owners use the properties by preserving the term “Residences.”

12. When will Owners be able to use their new vacation options?
We hope to share more about the BEYOND program and the exact details of usage in summer

13. What kind of new vacation options will be provided with BEYOND?
Using points, Owners will be able to access cruises, vacation tours, and more. More
information about these exchange options should be coming this summer.

14. Cruises to where?/What tours?/What hotel discounts?
We will share more about the BEYOND program and the exact details of usage when it
launches in summer 2023.

15. What properties will fly the Hyatt Vacation Club flag?
• Desert Oasis, Palm Springs Area
• Hyatt Residence Club Beaver Creek, Mountain Lodge
• Hyatt Residence Club Bonita Springs, Coconut Plantation
• Hyatt Residence Club Breckenridge, Main Street Station
• Hyatt Residence Club Carmel, Highlands Inn
• Hyatt Residence Club Dorado, Hacienda del Mar
• Hyatt Residence Club Key West, Beach House
• Hyatt Residence Club Key West, Sunset Harbor
• Hyatt Residence Club Key West, Windward Pointe
• Hyatt Residence Club Lake Tahoe, High Sierra Lodge
• Hyatt Residence Club Maui, Kā‘anapali Beach
• Hyatt Residence Club at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek
• Hyatt Residence Club San Antonio, Wild Oak Ranch
• Hyatt Residence Club Sarasota, Siesta Key Beach
• Hyatt Residence Club Sedona, Piñon Pointe
• Northstar Lodge, Lake Tahoe
• One Village Place, Lake Tahoe
• Sirena del Mar, Cabo San Lucas
• The Lodges at Timber Ridge, Branson
• The Ranahan, Breckenridge
• The Welk, San Diego Area