Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Kings’ Land is located on the Big Island of Hawaii on the famed Kohala Coast and offers expansive fairway views and stunning Waikoloa panoramas. This beautiful Hawaii timeshare is carved out of an ancient lava field.  The 112 acre oasis occupies a superb location directly between two of Hawaii’s finest golf courses, the Kings’ Course and the Beach Course.


Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Kings Land Exterior

Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Kings Land

Hilton timeshare resale owners at the King’s Land timeshare resale resort also enjoy access to the restaurants, boutiques, beaches and water recreation at the nearby Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort.


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Hilton timeshare resales at Kings Land – Seasons and Points Values:  Point values for 1 and 2 bedroom suites vary to reflect a variety of floor plans and design.

Hilton timeshare resales at Kings Land – Platinum weeks:  1-18, 23-35 and 42-52

Unit Size:             Mon-Thu Pts. Per Night       Fri-Sun Pts. Per Night        Pts. Per Week

1 bedroom                     480/720                                960/1,440                    4,800/7,200

1 bedroom Plus            620/930                             1,240/1,860                   6,200/9,300

1 bedroom Premier        1,260                                     2,520                                     12,600

2 bedroom                     700/1,050                         1,400/2,100                   7,000/10,500

2 bedroom Plus            840/1,260                         1,680/2,520                   8,400/12,600

2 bedroom Premier        1,400                                     2,880                                     14,400

3 bedroom                          1,260                                     2,520                                     12,600

3 bedroom Premier        1,725                                     3,450                                     17,250


Hilton timeshare resales at Kings Land – Gold weeks:  19-22 and 36-41

Unit Size:             Mon-Thu Pts. Per Night        Fri-Sun Pts. Per Night       Pts. Per Week

1 bedroom                        340/510                                680/1,020                      3,400/5,100

1 bedroom Plus              420/630                                840/1,260                      4,200/6,300

1 bedroom Premier           870                                      1,740                                     8,700

2 bedroom                        500/750                                1,000/1,500                  5,000/7,500

2 bedroom Plus              580/870                                1,160/1,740                   5,800/8,700

2 bedroom Premier        1,050                                     2,100                                     10,500

3 bedroom                            870                                       1,740                                     8,700

3 bedroom Premier        1,440                                     2,880                                     14,400


The following annual fee for the Hilton Grand Vacations Club Kings’ Land includes the operating fees, reserve fees, real estate tax and GET (Government Excise Tax) subtotal. The chart also reflects the voluntary ARDA $5 fee and the Domestic Club Fee of $136 total and the ARDA $5 fee and the International Club Fee of $174 total.

Kings’ Land Annual Fees:

Suite Size  Operating Fee, Reserve Fees, RE Tax & GET                    Subtotal ARDA $5 & Domestic     Club Fee $136                Total   ARDA $5 & Intl           Club Fee $174               Total
One bedroom $1,315.10 $1,456.10 $1,494.10
Two bedroom $1,618.44 $1,759.44 $1,797.44
Three bedroom $1,893.35 $2,034.35 $2,072.35


Kings’ Land – Phase II Annual Fees:

Suite Size  Operating Fee, Reserve Fees, RE Tax & GET                    Subtotal ARDA $5 & Domestic      Club Fee $136                Total ARDA $5 & Intl Club       Fee $174                   Total
One bedroom $1,138.53 $1,279.53 $1,317.53
Two bedroom $1,444.72 $1,585.72 $1,623.72



Hilton timeshare resale at Kings Land – Accommodations:

Kings’ Land offers spacious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites with private lanais

Each suite features fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer

Complimentary high speed wireless internet access

Hilton timeshare resale at Kings Land– Dining Options:

Bistro Restaurant and Pool Bar

Hilton timeshare resale at Kings Land– Resort Features:

20,000 square foot super pool featuring 4 slides, a lazy river, whirlpool spas, serenity section, children’s beach and a water activity play area

33,000 square foot central Clubhouse

Business Center with wireless Internet access

Children’s Club with daily drop-in activities and a game room for children of all ages

Barbecue areas throughout the resort

Hilton Fitness by Precor and daily fitness classes

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Buying Hilton timeshares resales or Hawaii timeshare resales on the secondary market is much less expensive than purchasing direct from the developer because of the fact that the developer incurs marketing costs that are passed on to the consumer. It is the developer who sets the price on the retail market. On the secondary market of timeshare resales, prices are determined by individuals and current market conditions.

A timeshare interval should be purchased for enjoyment. The purchase of Hilton Grand Vacation Club timeshare resales ensures that you will be able to vacation and spend quality time with your family and friends each year. You might want to think of it as vacation insurance for all your future vacations!

Syed Sarmad, Principal Broker for Advantage Vacation