Several articles have been published regarding Diamond Resorts International CEO, Stephen Cloobeck’s going “undercover” on the CBS primetime reality show “Undercover Boss” which begins its  third season on  Sunday, January 15, 2012.

Stephen Cloobeck, CEO of Diamond Resort’s International,  thought he knew the inner-workings of his company from top to bottom.  Confidently, he has placed his business cards at the front desk of more than 177 of the branded hotels with the intent that if a customer was upset, the customer could email him and Cloobeck would respond in less than ten minutes.

He preached to his company “the Meaning Of Yes,” which at its essence meant never telling a customer “no.”

At first Cloobeck declined the invitation from CBS to appear on the third season of its primetime reality show.  He carried out “surprise attacks” at various resorts all the time and thought everything was under control.

After talking to other CEO’s who had gone thru the experience, David Palmer, President of Diamond Resorts encouraged Cloobeck to reconsider and see for himself.

A disguised Cloobeck worked with four different Diamond Resorts employees and realized that the employees he worked with weren’t “bad”, they were just “improperly trained” in the way to carry out his company motto, “the Meaning of Yes.”

“I realized my company was nowhere near as efficient as it could be,” Cloobeck said. “I also understood after my experience that everyone in my company needs to communicate better, which means they’ll communicate with our guests better.”

“I’m really proud of my team members,” Cloobeck said. “This was such a great experience because the company starts and ends with me, and now I know the work that goes into every aspect of it.”

In response to an article published in Business Insider regarding the upcoming “Undercover Boss” episode, a reader had this to say:  “After reading the article, I thought that Diamond resorts was an upscale international hotel chain. But, out of curiosity, I googled their web site. Surprise – this is a time-share shop! Oh, the meaning of yes!… Could not BI write about some other episodes of the Undercover Boss? What it is so special about this one? Now I think that this article is a [somehow paid for] plug for Diamond Resorts. Is it that or just lousy journalism?”

Vegas Inc., an on-line news report featuring all things Las Vegas, posted an article on December 19 regarding the opening season of “Undercover Boss” and Stephen Cloobeck.  The article ended as follows and is copied as it was written:

The one negative of being the subject of a reality TV show is that Diamond Resorts is getting criticized on the “Undercover BossFacebook page over fees, maintenance and sales tactics.

Cloobeck said the problem is between timeshare owners and their homeowners association, not with the company. He said the sales occurred before he became associated with the property. The fact that the company has collected 99 percent of its revenues indicates the criticism is coming from a vocal minority among thousands of owners, he said.

“All I want is for any guest to contact me and I will fix any issue and make them happy,” he said. “That’s why my business card is at every front desk and matters come right here to me.” 

Sounds like an invitation to Point at Poipu owners to contact Mr. Cloobeck directly with their concerns and encourage him to investigate the water intrusion special assessment and other problems the owners are experiencing at this Diamond Resort on Kaua i.

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