As a result of our article posted on Thursday, December 22, 2011, we were contacted by an attorney in Florida whose practice focuses on timeshare re sales.  Following you will find his comments and explanation of the “proposed” Florida House Bill 1001.

“I am a Florida attorney whose practice focuses on timeshare resales.

The post, “Florida House Bill 1001 – how it affects timeshare owners,” by Cheri Becker is inaccurate and should be corrected.

The bill is proposed legislation, to be considered by the Florida legislature in its 2012 session. At this juncture it is only a proposal which will be considered by House committees who have the ability to change or even fully emasculate it before it is considered, if it ever is, by the full House.

The final version must be reconciled with whatever, if anything, is passed by the Senate with the resulting legislation then being presented to the governor for his approval.

Although it appears to be a step in the right direction to curtail scammers, there is no assurance that the final product will resemble the initial proposal. As filed, it substantially affects realtors who deal in timeshare resales. It is most likely that the realtors’ complaints and concerns about it will be addressed as it evolves. They have significant lobbying influence and may very well resist further regulation of an industry already overburdened with burdensome and expensive bureaucratic regulation.”

We appreciate the time this attorney took to clarify exactly what the proposed legislation is and the possibilities of it being passed.  We will continue to cover news regarding the timeshare industry and any legislation that affects timeshare owners around the United States.

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