I have been following the developments at the Point at Poipu, a Kauai timeshare by Diamond Resorts, and thought I should give everyone an update on what I am seeing on the Angry Owners at Point of Poipu Facebook page.

There are two statements posted on the page which recommend what owners might want to do regarding the Water Assessment issue:

Point of Poipu

The first:   Please be aware, we (The Point at Poipu Angry Owners) are unable to provide legal advice.  In the best interests of everybody, our law firms are remaining focused on the lawsuit itself. It is therefore our recommendation that if you feel that you need legal guidance on your situation, you should take your DRI foreclosure/collection letters as well as a copy of our lawsuit to an attorney and get their advice.

The second:  If you have questions about your situation it is recommended that you consult an attorney and provide the attorney with a copy of the lawsuit complaint. It can be printed from the www.poipuowners.org website under the NEWSLETTERS tab.

Several owners recently visited the villas at Polo Towers, another Diamond Resort timeshare, and reported the following:

I just visited the Villas at Polo Towers in Las Vegas and was talked into moving to the US collection – out of the Hawaii Collection – in order to avoid future assessment costs. I’m a points owner at Poipu. Had anyone else had this pitch? Is it for real?

Another owner reported:  We were at Polo Towers Villas during Mother’s Day weekend and they were so desperately trying to get us to switch to U.S collections. They were putting us down for owning Hawaii collections, but why would they put their own down? Very suspicious….I think something is shady going on. Question: if we already paid for our water assessment, would we be able to get a refund if DRI is at fault from the lawsuit? Anybody got their refund back when calling DRI…how did you do it?

One owner staying at Point at Poipu:  I am here for 3 weeks, I am not happy with the sales staff. But, I do give credit for the units being very clean, the landscape nice and kept up. The pool and chairs are clean. This is the best I have seen it in years. I am all about complaining about how the fee was given to us, but I also have to give a compliment when deserved. Just thought I would tell everyone since I am here. Will be attending the weekly HOA meeting next Wednesday.

IN FOLLOW UP to that post, the owner had this to say the following week: Well guess what was cancelled the managers meeting. I guess they were told an unhappy owner was onsite. I am angry that i arranged my week according to this meeting.  I really wanted to hear what the manager was going to say. I actually was going to compliment them on the work that has been done. How nice the trees and pools are looking. The front desk and housekeeping have been great.

Another owner got some good news, but is still waiting to see if it’s true:  Come to find out, DRI is waiving the collection cost that was built into the assessment amount. I didn’t find out about this until after I sent in the balance (by check) of my assessment (approx. $835) about 1 month ago. I did not understand why my check had not cleared my bank after several weeks of sending it to them although my DRI on-line account showed I had a zero outstanding balance. I called to find out why my check had not cleared and was told that the collection fee had been waived. They indicated I should receive the un-cashed check in the mail. This was over a couple weeks ago, and I’m still waiting on my check to be returned, but my account still shows ‘zero balance’.

Advantage Vacation will continue to monitor and report on any news regarding the Diamond Resorts timeshare at Point at Poipu and keep you updated on any future developments.

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