Week #           Fri to Fri             Sat to Sat          Sun to Sun

1                   Jan.6-Jan.13          Jan.7-Jan.14       Jan.1-Jan.8

2                   Jan.13-Jan.20        Jan.14-Jan.21     Jan.8-Jan.15

3                   Jan.20-Jan.27        Jan.21-Jan.28     Jan.15-Jan.22

4                   Jan.27-Feb.3         Jan.28-Feb.4       Jan.22-Jan.29

5                   Feb.3-Feb.10         Feb.4-Feb.11      Jan.29-Feb.5

6                   Feb.10-Feb.17       Feb.11-Feb.18     Feb.5-Feb.12

7                   Feb.17 -Feb.24      Feb.18-Feb.25     Feb.12-Feb.19

8                   Feb.24-Mar.2         Feb.25-Mar.3       Feb.19-Feb.26

9                   Mar.2-Mar.9           Mar.3-Mar.10       Feb.26-Mar.4

10                 Mar.9-Mar.16         Mar.10-Mar.17      Mar.4-Mar.11

11                 Mar.16-Mar.23       Mar.17 -Mar.24     Mar.11-Mar.18

12                 Mar.23-Mar.30       Mar.24-Mar.31      Mar.18-Mar.25

13                 Mar.30-Apr.6          Mar.31-Apr.7        Mar.25-Apr.1

14                 Apr.6-Apr.13          Apr.7-Apr.14        Apr.1-Apr.8

15                 Apr.13-Apr.20        Apr.14-Apr.21      Apr.8-Apr.15

16                 Apr.20-Apr.27        Apr.21-Apr.28      Apr.15-Apr.22

17                 Apr.27-May 4         Apr.28-May 5        Apr.22-Apr.29

18                 May 4-May 11         May 5-May 12       Apr.29-May 6

19                 May 11-May18        May 12-May 19     May 6-May13

20                 May 18-May25        May 19-May 26     May 13-May20

21                 May 25-Jun.1         May 26-Jun.2        May 20-May 27

22                 Jun.1-Jun.8            Jun.2-Jun.9          May 27-Jun.3

23                 Jun.8-Jun.15          Jun.9-Jun.16        Jun.3-Jun.10

24                 Jun.15-Jun.22        Jun.16-Jun.23       Jun.10-Jun.17

25                 Jun.22-Jun.29        Jun.23-Jun.30       Jun.17-Jun.24

26                 Jun.29-Jul.6            Jun.30-Jul.7          Jun.24-Jul.1

27                 Jul.6-Jul.13             Jul.7-Jul.14           Jul.1-Jul.8

28                 Jul.13-Jul.20           Jul.14-Jul.21          Jul.8-Jul.15

29                 Jul.20-Jul.27           Jul.21-Jul.28         Jul.15-Jul.22

30                 Jul.27-Aug.3           Jul.28-Aug.4         Jul.22-Jul.29

31                 Aug.3-Aug.10         Aug.4-Aug.11       Jul.29-Aug.5

32                 Aug.10-Aug.17       Aug.11-Aug.18     Aug.5-Aug.12

33                Aug.17-Aug.24        Aug.18-Aug.25     Aug.12-Aug.19

34                Aug.24-Aug.31        Aug.25-Sep.1       Aug.19-Aug.26

35                Aug.31-Sep.7           Sep.1-Sep.8         Aug.26-Sep.2

36                Sep.7-Sep.14           Sep.8-Sep.15       Sep.2-Sep.9

37                Sep.14-Sep.21         Sep.15-Sep.22      Sep.9-Sep.16

38                Sep.21-Sep.28         Sep.22-Sep.29     Sep.16-Sep.23

39                Sep.28-0ct.5            Sep.29-0ct.6        Sep.23-Sep.30

40                Oct.5-0ct.12            Oct.6-0ct.13         Sep.30-0ct.7

41                Oct.12-0ct.19           Oct.13-0ct.20      Oct.7-0ct.14

42                Oct.19-0ct.26           Oct.20-0ct.27       Oct.14-0ct.21

43                Oct.26-Nov.2            Oct.27-Nov.3       Oct.21-0ct.28

44                Nov.2-Nov.9             Nov.3-Nov.10       Oct.28-Nov.4

45                Nov.9-Nov.16           Nov.10-Nov.17      Nov.4-Nov.11

46                Nov.16-Nov.23         Nov.17 -Nov.24    Nov.11-Nov.18

47               Nov.23-Nov.30          Nov.24-Dec.1       Nov.18-Nov.25

48               Nov.30-Dec.7            Dec.1-Dec.8         Nov.25-Dec.2

49               Dec.7-Dec.14            Dec.8-Dec.15        Dec.2-Dec.9

50               Dec.14-Dec.21          Dec.15-Dec.22      Dec.9-Dec.16

51               Dec.21-Dec.28          Dec.22-Dec.29      Dec.16-Dec.23

52               Dec.28-Jan.4             Dec.29-Jan.5        Dec.23-Dec.30

53                                               Dec.30-Jan.6

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