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The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful News for Timeshares in 2011

The Good: Great buying opportunities. For existing timeshare owners looking to buy additional vacation weeks, 2011 will be an excellent year to add to your vacationing portfolio.  However, now is not the time for impulse buying or speculation by attempting to buy low and sell high.  In a bad economy, the cost of ownership increases. […]

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Cheri’s Brick Chicken Recipe

6 cloves garlic, peeled and cut into thin slices 1 cup extra-virgin olive oil Salt and freshly ground black pepper olive oil, as needed Turn the chicken breast side down on the cutting board and remove the backbone with poultry shears or a sharp chef’s knife. Cut along one side of the backbone and then […]

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The Adventure Continues

Bankock,Fathepur & Taj Mahal Trainingin Maui’s Crater, our 11 day trek in Butan got us in shape for ascending to this place of beauty color, peaceful, in mind body & spirit. While here we meditated in the Dzongs and sometimes the monks were there. The little kids are monkletts. The Bhutanese encourage the practice of […]

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Talk’en Timeshare

Explore information about timeshare resort & vacation club & points travel and resorts. Read resort reviews and travel journals about timeshare travel experiences. Advantage Vacation we sell timeshare resales but we are also timeshare owners that just like you enjoy traveling and exploring our amazing world full of wonderful people & places.We would like to […]

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