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Are Gas Prices Freezing You Out Of Your Vacation Plans?

Frozen gas pump saving on vacation  articleWhat’s in the news in timeshares is what is in the news across the country, “GAS PRICES”!

With the rise in gas prices it affects not only air travel with higher ticket costs but people who travel by auto. I spoke to the Manager of a resort in Southern California last week who told me that owners at that resort can’t afford to drive to their timeshare for the week because of the high cost of gas.

Most of the owners at this resort live Arizona who use summer weeks at the Coast in Southern California. When they add the cost of fuel to their travel plans many find that it has added a additional $350 plus to their travel expenses. (This was their play money of the past.)

Some TIPS on Saving Money and Stretching your vacation dollars.  

  1. Consider vacationing at a resort closer to home.
  2. While on vacation or getting to your timeshare, consider trains! Both for getting to your timeshare and commuting locally. You can save money on gas and when in town you save on parking.  Also, you won’t be sitting in traffic.
  3. Spend more time taking advantage of the recreational benefits in the area…such as the beaches, National Parks, walking and biking. Cheaper than amusement parks!
  4. If you do want to go to amusment parks see if they offer multi-day passes or some sort of promotional running. The concierge at the timeshare will know so ask.
  5. Check out the local area newspaper, the Visitors Bureau or Chamber of Commerce to find about what is happening in the area . These can save you money for local attractions, discount coupons to grocery stores, restaurants and local attractions etc. (The local paper is another great source for finding discounts and coupons)
  6. Many timeshares also have meet & greet events which you can not only meet some interesting people but typically you are treated to some eats too.
  7. Check out the timeshare your considering, if close to a beach or outdoor activity, do they offer things such as snorkels, wake boards, bikes as part of their ammenities. 
  8. Eat in and bring your own food. Many timeshares have kitchens or small fridges and coffee makers. Instead of the $3.50 coffee at the local coffee shop make your own, or put together your own on the go snacks, sandwiches and drinks. (bring your own refillable water bottles)
  9. Instead of dinning out for dinner, make it lunch instead!  Lunch menu’s are lower in cost for the same items they offer at dinner.

Next week, we will talk about maximizing your timeshare for future exchanges


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