carrriage houseMark owns’ and lives at Garden Valley Nursery in Petaluma. During our San Francisco/wine country journey we were invited to Mark’s Birthday party. Many of the buildings were built in 1880. An absolutely amazing place! Garden Valley is the largest producer of bare root roses in the U.S. And the grounds are like being in a fairytale, the place is magical! If you are ever in the Napa Valley area, take the time and go to Garden Valley Nursery. Martha Stewart slept in their guest bed! We usually stay in their newly renovated 1880’s cottage: however, Mark’s son stayed there for the party. The beautifully decorated cottage rents for $159.95 per night. We spent the night in a lovely refurbished 1941 Airstream in Petaluma. It was an adventure and the closest I ever want to come to camping.