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Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Club:   Basic, Premier and Premier Plus Status DefinedMarriott Vacation Club Destinations is an easy to use, points-based ownership program where you have a beneficial interest in a land trust which consists of a collection of inventory from the various properties of the MVCD “collections” and which entitles you to receive the same allotment of Vacation Club Points for use every year.

The MVC Destinations point values for the weeks, seasons, and unit sizes for each Club resort will vary from resort to resort.

Resale information:    All benefits transfer on a Marriott timeshare resale purchase.Ownership levels:

Basic Ownership – 2,500 to 6,500 Vacation Club Points.

Premier Status – 6,500 to 12,999 Vacation Club Points.

Premier Plus Status – 13,000+ Vacation Club Points.

Marriott Vacation Club Destinations benefits that all MVCD Owners enjoy:

Owners can book another Marriott Vacation Club resort directly

Owners can book any number of nights – 7 night stays are no longer necessary

Owners can check-in day of the week – it doesn’t have to be a weekend day

Owners can confirm bedroom size and view at the time of the reservation

Owners enjoy a single annual fee that replaces reservation fees such as: internal exchange fee, lock-off fee, trading for Marriott Rewards points fee and Interval International membership

Note:  Maintenance fees continue to be assessed.

MVC Destinations Owners enjoy greater vacation flexibility and vacation choices at all levels of membership.

1.  Reservation Windows with Point Premium:

Basic Ownership:             13 months 7+ nights

Premier Status:                 N/A

Premier Status Plus:       N/A

2.  Enjoy longer reservation windows with no point premiums:

Basic Ownership:             12 months 7+ nights                       10 months 1+ night

Premier Status:                 13 months 7+ nights                       10 months 1+ night

Premier Plus Status:       13 months 1+ night

3.  Last Minute Reservations Point Discounts:

Basic Ownership:             N/A

Premier Status:                 25% discount 30 days prior to arrival

Premier Plus Status:       30% discount 60 days prior to arrival

4.  Rental Discounts:  Enjoy an additional discount on nightly rentals at Marriott Vacation Club resorts.

Basic Ownership:             25% off                 Premier Status:     30% off            Premier Plus Status:       35% off

5.  Trade for Marriott Rewards Points: Trade Vacation Club Points for Marriott Rewards points every year.

Basic Ownership:             50% every year

Premier Status:                 65% every year (up to 135,200 Marriott Reward points)

Premier Plus Status:       75% every year (up to 312,000 Marriott Reward points)

6.  Marriott Rewards Elite Status:

Basic Ownership:             Earn by staying 50 nights (Gold Elite) or 75 nights (Platinum Elite) per year

Premier Status:                 Earn 3 years Gold Elite with Vacation Club points purchase

Premier Plus Status:       Earn 3 years Platinum Elite with Vacation Club points purchase

7.  Additional Luxury Cruise Tiers:  Exclusive access to luxury cruise lines including Costa, Cunard, Holland America, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Viking River in coveted destinations around the world. Ability to upgrade accommodations or enjoy unique experiences including cruises of 20+ nights, riverboat cruises and more.

Basic Ownership:             N/A               Premier Status:          Yes               Premier Plus Status:     Yes

8.  Guided Tour Excursion Credit:

Basic Ownership:   N/A                        Premier Status:$100 credit per traveler

Premier Plus Status:       $100 credit per traveler

9.  Premier Events:  Use Vacation Club points to attend the biggest games in professional football, basketball, golf and more. Packages typically include two event tickets, Marriott hotel stays, airport and event transfers and additional perks.

Basic Ownership:             N/A               Premier Status:                 Yes         Premier Plus Status:       Yes

10.  Select Luxury Club Residences:  For a limited time, add luxury to your vacation when you take advantage of accommodations at select Ritz-Carlton Destination Club resorts.

Basic Ownership:             N/A

Premier Status:        Reservation windows:  13 months prior to arrival for 7+ nights & 10 months prior to arrival for 1+ nights

Premier Plus Status:       Reservation window is:  13 months prior to arrival for 1+ nights

11. VIP Weekends: Iconic cities offer their finest cultural experiences for a two- or three-day weekend experience to be remembered. Enjoy exclusive access to these special VIP Weekends, which include accommodations and special access perks.

Basic Ownership:             N/A        Premier Status:       N/A       Premier Plus Status:                        Yes

12.   Adventure Travel:   Experience Adventure Cruises that provide an immersive experience into unforgettable terrain.

Basic Ownership:             N/A        Premier Status:     Yes               Premier Plus Status:        Yes

13.  Sailing Adventures:  Experience yacht charters in some of the world’s most exotic and breathtaking destinations.

Basic Ownership:             N/A        Premier Status:                 N/A             Premier Plus Status:         Yes

Note:  Pursuant to Exchange Procedures, offer, benefits and eligibility criteria to be a Premier or Premier Plus Owner are subject to change.

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Buying a Marriott timeshare resale on the secondary market is much less expensive than purchasing direct from the developer because of the fact that the developer incurs marketing costs that are passed on to the consumer. It is the developer who sets the price on the retail market. On the secondary market of timeshare resale, prices are determined by individuals and current market conditions.

A timeshare interval should be purchased for enjoyment. The purchase of a Marriott timeshare resale ensures that you will be able to vacation and spend quality time with your family and friends each year. You might want to think of it as vacation insurance for all your future vacations!

Syed Sarmad, Principal Broker for Advantage Vacation 

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