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Fractional Ownership of Cars, Jets & Yachts

When you say Timeshares or Fractional the first thing that comes to mind is resorts, condo’s vacation clubs or popular names such as Marriott, Hilton or Starwood. We bought our timeshares for their trade value because we do travel regularly. Having good trade value allowed us to be able to take some amazing vacations and do so at the fraction of the cost of a traditional stay at the resorts of our choice. And now the possibilities for other luxury adventures are opening up.

See What Else You Can Own At A Fraction Of The Price

sports car lamborghini fractional ownership article

Do you dream of owning a Lamborghini, sailing on a luxury yacht or flying to exotic destinations in a private jet?

Well, now there are timeshare or factional ownerships for you to be able to do just that. Pretty amazing!

There are typically two types of people and/or companies that buy these luxury fractionals. Corporations are finding that fractional ownerships for these luxury items can be a incentive item for staff or customer perks and is more affordable than actually owning a yacht or corporate plane. Then there are adventurous spirits who have always dreamed of owning a Lamborghini or calling “their pilot” to get the plane ready to whisk them away to their favorite vacation destination.

Personally, we have not bought any membership of these types of fractionals, but they are fun and interesting to think about, so we thought we would share some of this information with you from other blogs and news sources.

Luxury Sports Cars:

Define: car sharing

I assumed this would mainly be classic cars, sports cars and supercars. These are often shared, but most people find their partners through the specialist owners clubs. …

Fractional Supercars – The Drive Of Your Life Now A Reality

Many of us dream about owning supercars – but will never be able to afford the astronomical prices they achieve. Or maybe you simply can’t justify spending that amount of money on something that won’t make you a return on…

Yacht Fractionals

Fractional Yacht Programs – shaking up the industry

A year ago when we looked, the concept of fractional yachts or sailboats seemed to be growing, but slowly. However in the past 12 months, there seems to have been a burst of activity, with new firms and programs coming on the market, …


As a rapidly growing alternative to full ownership, fractional yacht ownership or a membership in a fractional ownership club provides owners with the “Best of Both Worlds”, enjoying the advantages of yacht ownership without the additional obligations of maintenance, fees and upkeep.

Jets and Planes Fractionals

The Jet Set

The seeds of the fractional aircraft ownership business as we know it today were really sown during the early 1980s by Richard Santulli who bought out a then-unsuccessful aviation management company called Executive Jet. …

Fractional aircraft program holds open house at new Pease facility

PORTSMOUTH — On Thursday, Alpha Flying Inc. and Atlas Aircraft Center Inc. will hold a grand opening celebration of their new state-of-the-art aviation facility at Pease International Tradeport.

Overview of Fractionals

With this growing segment of fractionals, many are finding it now within their reach to drive the car of their dreams, cruise in their own private yacht or have shared time access to private travel via a fractional jet membership.

If you are considering buying into a fractional membership of these types we would recommend that you check out the company you’re considering buying your membership from. Read the fine details within your contract and know what your responsibilities are when being a shared interest holder.

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