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Exploring India – Rishikesh & Ganges River and Ananda Spa

Aarthi is something millions of people in India do every evening, most often at their homes.Aarti is a Hindu ritual in which a candle is lit .Aarthi is sung to develop the highest love for God.People give thanks and express gratitude/gratefulness to what they they received that day.

We too gave thanks& gratitude for our fantastic journey, health and for all the people in our lives.
It actually feels amazing to consiously and purposfully acknowledge all the gifts that we have been given.

Rishikesh is located in ther base of the Himalayas and is a holy city in India,where the Ganges river flows.Rishikesh is also known for it’s beautiful landscape.Rishikesh is a spititual center with many Ashrams and people come here for meditiation.This where the Beatles went in the 1960s to visit a Guru.

Ananda Spa was rate as the best Spa in the world. Check out

After spending 5 nights there, we can attest it is wonderful.The picture of Cheri and I is at the Spa,which is located about 30 minutes from Rishikesh, up in the Himalayas. We are now leaving the Hilton Maldives and will be home on Monday . Will have more pictures and stories to share. The undersea restaurant last night was awesome.

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