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Bhutan on foot – A 11 day treck 14,000 feet in the Himalayan mountains

We just completed our 11 day trek in Bhutan. Bhutan is a very beautiful country, the people seem very happy and are friendly. They are environmentally conscious in Bhutan and it is an honor to be able to tour this beautiful country and meet its people.

Travel to Bhutan is controled, meaning they limit the annual amount of tourists that are permitted and visitors must be part of a accredited travel group (no individual travel) this is to help maintain its culture & environment.

About Our Adventure

There were 11 people in our group, a trip leader, cooks, helpers, and horses to carry our supplies. We went up to nearly 14,000 feet. The daytime temperature was around 70 degrees, night time it fell to below zero.

See, Feel & the “WOW We Did It!”

We saw many Dzongs,which are Buddhist monasteries and also many have government administrative offices.
monistary in himalayan mountainsWe went on daily treks, including visits to the Dzongs which are in the Himalayan mountains and ended our trip with 3 nights of camping in the mountains

We were meet at the peak of our treck by high winds of approx 60-70 miles an hour and rain. I didn’t mind the the wind & rain;

I was so excited about what I had accomplished.

It was challenging for everyone in our group.

I am especially proud of Cheri, as this is not her type of vacation. She did this solely for me and wanted to be with me in this very special moment in my life.

The Next Phase of our Celebration of Walking Adventure

We are New Delhi now and will be going to Agra
to see the Taj Mahal today.

Will be in India for the next 10 days and then off to the Hilton Hotel Resort (timeshare) for 5 nights for scuba diving in the Maldives.

Stay Tuned For
Further Adventures of Advantage Vacation.

Thank You for sharing in this special event with us.
If you have any questions about our experiences on this amazing journey just email us, we will do our best to post your questions with responses in our blog.

When we arrive at the Hilton Hotel in the Maldives we will share our experience & reviews of this timeshare resort.

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