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by Cheri Becker

As a result of a recent article regarding the extremely high water intrusion assessment at the Diamond Resorts Point at Poipu, Kauai, Myra Orta, the secretary of Concerned Deeded Owners at The Point at Poipu (CDOPP) posted a comment on the website Timeshareblogging by Advantage Vacation.

Ms. Orta included part of a letter that was sent out last January asking owners at the Point at Poipu timeshare resort to “please join and give support to this group, hopefully everyone will win instead of just Diamond Resorts.” In an effort to assist the concerned owners of The Point at Poipu resort please make note of their website:

Advantage Vacation continues to receive comments regarding this controversial issue and will continue to share them with you as we receive them:

“Does anyone know if there is a central site being used to communicate about DRI and the water restoration? We are aghast with the statement we just received for our 2 week interval! We want to be involved with any owners willing to take action against DRI and the Board. Please advise if anyone is spearheading such action. Thanks!”

“Does anyone know about legal services that owners can seek to surround payed-off Poipu timeshare to avoid foreclosure?”

In follow up, we’d like to reprint the official statement of Diamond Resorts International (DRI) regarding buying back properties or points:

A Diamond Resorts International representative issued the following statement:

Diamond Resorts does not buy back properties or points nor do we release owners from their financial obligations in the form of a voluntary surrender. You may have seen postings online which states we do, however the voluntary surrender program ended on (or around July 1, 2011). As this program was not a requirement of Diamond Resorts, there were no efforts made to inform our members/owners that this program was ending.”

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Kathy December 26, 2011 at 2:39 pm

Does anyone know if a lawsuit has been filed yet in regards to the water intrusion bill? I’m getting ready to look again at the bill – I’ve been putting it off because it’s SO depressing – and I’m wondering if anything new has happened or I’m I just stuck in paying the horrendous bill?????


Cheri Becker December 29, 2011 at 11:32 am

Aloha Kathy:
Many thanks for following our blog. It is our hope to keep timeshare owners and people who are interested in timeshares informed of the current news and changes in the industry. In answer to your question I do not know if there has been a lawsuit filed. I would suggest checking out Point at Poipu Angry Owners on facebook. They are growing in numbers and I know you will find your answer there. Please let them know if you do go to facebook about us. Good luck with your property.
Cheri Becker


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